Thursday, July 27, 2006

How could John Bolton possibly be America's Ambassador to the UN

John Bolton was a principal in a written document calling for the minimization and virtual elimination of the United Nations to have any influence in world affairs.

So how could such a man possibly be America’s Ambassador to the UN?

It is crucial during the Confirmation Hearing that Senators ask Bolton what his involvement was in creating this document, and where he stands on its philosophy today?

(The document is clearly visible on the Internet: Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a new Century put out by New American Century.)

In September of 2000 a document was written as a report of the Project of the New American Century, an extremist Right-Wing think tank, calling for the minimizing of the United Nations and destroying any influence the United Nations may have in world affairs.

A Director of the Project urging the virtual elimination of the United Nations was John R. Bolton, now Ambassador to the UN. It is inconceivable that a man who believes strongly in the destruction of the UN and its importance is made Ambassador to the UN.

Of special interest in this bizarre concept of benevolent domination of the world by one power, the US, the document articulates the clearest rejection of collective internationalism, i.e., the United Nations and other coalitions.

In the event that having the appearance of a coalition has a political or public relations value, the coalitions formed for these purposes should be, at best, “ad hoc assemblies, often not lasting beyond the crisis being confronted…”.

In other words, when forced to find the United Nations useful, pretend to support them, but only temporarily and then return to discrediting the United Nations and minimizing its influence in the world.

In 2000, the old Dick Cheney strategy document for US world domination written in 1992 now became the blueprint for the creation of a “global Pax Americana” drawn up for Dick Cheney (now Vice President), Donald Rumsfeld (Defense Secretary), Paul Wolfowitz (Rumsfeld’s Deputy), George W. Bush’s younger brother, Jeb, Lewis Libby (Cheney’s Chief of Staff), and John Bolton (Ambassador to the United Nations). The document, entitled Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategies, Forces and Resources for a New Century, was written in September 2000 – before the elections.

True to its original strategy of 1992, the document calls for “a blueprint for maintaining global US preeminence, precluding the rise of a great power rival, and shaping the international security order in line with American principles and interests.” Like the original, it too advocates “discouraging advanced industrial nations from challenging our leadership or even aspiring to a larger regional or global role,” and the complete discrediting of the United Nations in order to eliminate them as having any kind of world influence.

Interestingly enough, the document refers to certain allies, especially Britain (Tony Blair), that can be used as “fronts” to provide “the most effective and efficient means of exercising American global leadership.”

The blueprint emerged again on September 15, 2002, when the Sunday Herald revealed the discovery of the secret document clearly stating that President Bush and his Cabinet, were already planning a premeditated attack on Iraq to secure “regime change” even before he took power in January 2001. The subsequent invasion of Iraq, as predicted by the Sunday Herald, from the September 15, 2002 document, verifies the authenticity of the document.

The 1992 document created not only a national, but an international, uproar, and was so outrageous that Bush Sr. knew he had no chance to be elected if he publicly stood behind it, and so he disavowed it and had it buried, but it didn’t go away. Throughout the 90’s, the hardcore of extreme conservatives – including John Bolton - continued to fight for the document to become a matter of national policy, including the undermining and sabotaging of the United Nations, revising the draft and on January 26, 1998, issuing a letter to President Clinton urging Clinton to adopt its principles immediately, which Clinton rejected.

Today, nine out of the sixteen creators of that document are in positions of enormous power in the White House, including Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Lewis Libby (Cheney’s Chief of Staff) –and John Bolton, Ambassador to the United Nations - et al where they are successfully implementing that policy, starting with the “first step …”, the invasion of Iraq to control its oil and the Middle East, only this time they have leading this campaign for world domination the President himself, George W. Bush.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Why Iraq is far, far worse than Vietnam ever was and will get even worse, why “staying the course” weakens America, and the new 'proxy' WW3

Why Iraq is far, far worse than Vietnam ever was and will get even worse if we don’t get out now, why “staying the course” weakens America, and why Iraq is the launching of the new ‘Proxy’ World War III

For 12 long years, we continuously heard that we were going to “stay the course” until the Vietnamese could stand up for themselves which “will probably be by the end of next year,” but because we were so profoundly ignorant of the psychology and culture of the Vietnamese, the War dragged on for 12 long years and we were finally forced to “cut and run” in the most disgraceful and shameful defeat in American history … a defeat we are absolutely certain to repeat in Iraq and whatever other countries Bush’s mania gets us involved in.

How many Americans ended up having to serve in the Vietnam War?

In 1963, there were 16,300 American “Advisors” in Vietnam, and ten years later, in 1973, when we were forced to admit we were wrong and abandon Vietnam:

8,744,000 beautiful American men and woman had had their lives disrupted, destroyed or ended;

Over 59,000 Americans killed or missing (average age 19);

Leaving 20,000 children orphaned for the rest of their lives;

Over 150,000 maimed or permanently disabled, leaving their arms and legs in Vietnam rice patties

… and over 3 million Vietnamese, Cambodians, Laotians, and Indonesians killed.

The Vietnamese Election had a greater turnout than the Iraq Election

In September 1967, the Vietnamese held an election with an over 80% turnout, better than the Iraqi election. We were told then that this was a new day of freedom for Vietnam, a major breakthrough that would soon allow us to start withdrawing our first forces.

We also heard the same “stay-the-course” rhetoric we’re hearing today, calling those who wanted to leave cowards, and predicting the Vietnamese were well on the way of becoming a free, sovereign nation. Yet, seven long years of bloodshed later, with over 35,000 more Americans killed, and 80,000 more maimed and permanently disabled, with our tail between our legs, in shame and disgrace, we were forced to abandon Vietnam – to “cut and run.”

The same profound ignorance of the Arab and Islamic psychology and culture is already creating another Major American Catastrophe in Iraq, another Vietnam, only far, far worse unless we replace our troops before it’s too late, and get rid of Bush and Cheney and their rubber stamped war mongering Congress before it’s too late!

China never entered the Vietnam War but Iraq already has Iran and Syria, and behind them Russia and China already involved

Though we were told that China would enter the Vietnam War it never did, and though we were fighting only the small country of North Vietnam with some behind the scenes support by China, for 12 long years we could never defeat North Vietnam, or establish a free democracy there. But, thank God, the war never spread throughout the peninsula and the Far East. Had it done so we would have been even more disgracefully routed and humiliated.

It is just the opposite in Iraq. The Iraq Civil War has already spread throughout the region. Bush and Cheney’s delusional systems never allowed them to see that the war in Iraq was already part of a deeper “proxy” war with Iran and Syria, who are using Hezbollah and Hamas to attack the United States, just as they are still too blinded to see that the spread of the Iraq war to Lebanon and Palestine, with Iran and Syria behind Hezbollah and Hamas, and Russia and China supporting Iran and Syria -- is just the beginning. Even when a temporary ceasefire is brokered – and it will be – the new ‘proxy’ form of World War III with Iran and Syria, Russia and China will continue for the next decade in Iraq and Afghanistan, the building of nuclear weapons in Iran and North Korea … and who knows where else.

Under Bush and Cheney’s blundering, Iran – THE Shiite country – now is in control of Iraq in a way that was impossible under the psychotic tyrant Hussein. Their Shiite puppets control the Parliament, the Iraqi military, the Iraqi police and everything else, just as their Shiite minions control Hezbollah.

Because of the astonishing ignorance of the Arab and Muslim psychology, culture and religion, just as we were profoundly ignorant of the Vietnamese mentality, even if the war was just contained to Iraq it would be Vietnam all over again, only far worse, because – from the beginning – this has been a religious and cultural war with Muslims all over the world, as well as a war against free sovereign nations everywhere who have a ferocious determination not to let Bush - according to his Bush Doctrine of Imperialism - to dominate and control the world, to dominate their country and region.

Far worse than Vietnam, Iraq has become World War III, which is only going to get far, far worse unless we renounce and destroy the Bush Doctrine of Imperialism by impeaching Bush and Cheney before it’s too late.

Why leaving makes us stronger

Bush and Cheney have spread our military so thin they are close to becoming impotent, even though we have the greatest, most skilled soldiers and technology the world has ever known. After over three years we are still failing so miserably in Afghanistan we still have never been able to capture either Osama or Omar, the head of the Taliban, and added to our even more miserable failure in Iraq, where over 100 Iraqis are killed every day – over 6000 killed since May - since Zarqawi was killed, which we were told would be a turning point, we have shown the world that our massive military power, under Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld’s leadership, is incompetent and stretched so thin it encourages terror groups like Hamas and Hezbollah to openly attack knowing we can’t fight back militarily.

How weak are we militarily by “staying the course”?
We could do nothing if North Korea invaded South Korea tomorrow

If North Korea sent its million man army across the border to the capitol of South Korea, Seoul, only 30 miles away, what could we possibly do? Nothing! Our 30,000 troops on the border would be wiped out immediately … and it is inconceivable that we could drop nuclear bombs on North Korea and not render asunder the entire world by starting a nuclear war – and only God knows where that would end.

By bringing our troops home from Iraq, and regrouping them into a consolidated force, we now would be able to send them in a matter of hours anywhere in the world they would be needed – a fact the entire world would know, and if this was the case now, neither Hezbollah nor Hamas would have provoked these wars for fear of our military response – which they now know is both militarily and politically impossible.

Leaving makes us stronger - staying the course is absolutely certain to create a more shameful disaster than Vietnam.

Friday, July 21, 2006

How, and why, Bush is using Israel as a ‘proxy’ to destroy Hezbollah and Lebanon, escalating a different form of World War, a World War by proxy

How, and why, Bush is using Israel as a ‘proxy’ to destroy Iran and Syria’s proxy - Hezbollah and Hamas - according to an Israel step-by-step plan pre-approved by Bush - escalating a radically new and different form of World War –a World War III by proxy

We must stop being deceived – it is not Israel invading Lebanon, but Bush using Israel as a ‘proxy’ nation and Iran using Hamas and Hezbollah as its proxy nation in this escalating new form of World War. In World War III, superpowers use ‘proxy’ nations to attack each other behind the scenes while pretending to have a friendly working relationship on the surface – China and Russia using Iran, Syria and North Korea, and Bush using Israel. Bush and Cheney’s delusional systems do not allow them to understand this, and so they keep being surprised that Russia and China constantly do not cooperate but protect North Korea and Iran against Bush’s attempts to control them.

Bush’s/Israel’s overkill destruction of Lebanon, and Bush’s open refusal to even try for a ceasefire until his “five-step” fantasy plan to destroy Hezbollah is accomplished, per the Bush Doctrine of “destroying anyone who aspires to even regional influence,” threatens the very survival of Israel.

It is not possible to understand what’s going on in the Middle East unless you read ‘The Bush Doctrine’ of Imperialistic ambition to use our “superpower status to dominate and control the entire world.” (click here)

Only when you understand Bush and Cheney’s lust to control the whole world, as clearly spelled out in the Bush Doctrine, includes destroying anyone who even aspires to not only lead, but even just have an influence in their region, as Hezbollah and Hamas are daring to do – and behind them Iran and Syria.

Here are the quotes from this terrifying anti-American doctrine, declaring Bush’s Imperial ambitions:

“The US must establish and protect a new order that convinces potential competitors that they may not aspire to a greater role or pursue a more aggressive posture to protect even their legitimate interests … “

“We must discourage advanced industrial nations from challenging our leadership or even aspiring to a larger regional or global role …

“… we must prevent the domination of key regions by a hostile power …

“… we must maintain our status as a military power of the first magnitude to prevent the development of a nation with regional influence.”

The document openly spells out how we are to “use” certain allies, especially Britain (Tony Blair) and Israel, that can be used as “fronts to provide the most effective and efficient means of exercising American global leadership.”

Bush’s ‘Dead-or-Alive’ Policy

Eliminating Hezbollah, and punishing Lebanon is consistent with Bush’s avowed policy, repeated over and over publicly, of severely punishing any nation that even harbors terrorists – Bush’s ‘dead or alive’ policy of “we will hunt down and kill them, and anyone who harbors them.”

Nothing is more important for Americans to see that it is Bush and Cheney using Israel as a ‘proxy’ to destroy Hezbollah, and to severely punish the Lebanese government and make an example of them by their massive overkill in Lebanon, per the Bush Doctrine. Five years ago Israel drew up a step-by-step plan to invade Lebanon and totally destroy Hezbollah. Per the Bush Doctrine, Bush approved it in detail three years ago, just as Bush had pre-approved before he was even sworn in as President the invasion and occupation of Iraq (click here).

Just as 9/11 gave Bush the excuse to execute his already approved invasion and occupation plans for Iraq, so too, Hezbollah’s illegal invasion, killing and capturing of Israeli soldiers gave Bush and Israel the opportunity to execute their preexisting plan to destroy Hezbollah, and bring down the weak Lebanese government, even though Lebanon was a democracy and Hezbollah had been freely elected to their Parliament.

Israel has more than a right to defend itself – It has a sacred obligation to do so

It is the brutal overkill in Lebanon that betrays Bush and Israel’s real intention. Make no mistake about it – Israel has more than a right to defend itself. It has a serious moral obligation to do so. However, in Lebanon it is no longer a question of Israel defending itself effectively and with whatever brutality is necessary, as they did in Palestine when Hamas illegally capturing an Israeli soldier – in Lebanon it goes way beyond the defeating an enemy. It has become the total destruction of a country and its infrastructure, killing and maiming thousands of innocent civilians, and displacing 500,000 refugees out of their Homeland that has turned the entire world, not just the Arab world, against Israel and Bush’s United States, who the whole world sees clearly is not just behind Israel’s right to defend itself, but Israel’s massive overkill, an overkill that may, in the long run, threaten the very survival of America’s lifelong friend, Israel.

Bush/Israel’s response is like a 12-year-old schoolboy who was beaten up on the bus by a bigger 15-year-old, who takes a gun to school and shoots not only the boy who beat him, but a dozen other innocent bystanders as well.

Israel, a democracy who wants only to be left alone in peace, is put in severe jeopardy by Bush’s blunder

Israel, which from the beginning has been our good and faithful ally, has by Bush’s latest blunder to use Israel to crush anyone ‘aspiring to even regional influence,’ has intensified the already existing hatred against Israel by every Arab on the peninsula to such an enormous level it cannot be measured. And though Israel will crush Hezbollah and obliterate Lebanon, no Jew will be able to eat safely in a café without being blown up by a thousand new suicide bombers, a hatred that will continue for the next 100 years.
All because Bush and Cheney’s incredible incompetence has fundamentally miscalculated the response of the 300 million Arabs on the peninsula against only 5 million Jews – not to mention the response of the entire world, even our allies, against Bush’s madness and Israel’s over the top destruction of an entire nation.

Bush and Cheney are mentally incapable of understanding the complexity of the new sophisticated form of World War III they’ve started in Iraq and are now spreading to the Middle East. Though they can see – as does the whole world – that Syria and Iran are clearly using Hezbollah and Hamas to attack Israel and the United States, their delusions keep them from seeing that behind the scenes, and China and Russia while pretending with lip service to denounce Hezbollah and Hamas, are secretly and fully supporting Iran and Syria, just as they secretly are supporting North Korea against the United States. It is for this reason that Russia and China, while pretending to cooperate, constantly block Japan and the United States’ attempts to punish North Korea and Iran, who are their ‘proxies’ in this new, very different kind of World War.

Bush, blind to the new World War III he and his Doctrine have created and are now escalating by spreading the Iraq war to Lebanon, intensifies the nuclear crisis Bush has created, and plunges us further towards a nuclear catastrophe

Tragically for the United States and the entire world, Bush and Cheney’s delusional systems and profound ignorance of their enemies, starting with Hezbollah and Hamas to Syria, Iran and North Korea, to Russia and China make them blind to the incredible holocaust and escalating nuclear and terrorist crisis their blunder by using Israel as their attack dog in executing their ‘dead or alive’ policy, has created a cultural and religious new World War III that, unless it is stopped, will result in the greatest nuclear catastrophe mankind has ever known.

Only by clearly seeing it is Bush using Israel to destroy Hezbollah and prove his manhood through his cowboy “dead or alive” fantasy and stopping him in the November election by enacting a superb exit plan from Iraq immediately available, or by an Impeachment Inquiry, can we stop this insane escalation of the war before it’s too late.

(For more on Tom's book on The Bush Doctrine of World Domination, click here)

(For the actual Bush Doctrine put out by New American Century, click here)

Here is a superb, realistic Exit Strategy for Iraq you never hear discussed by politicians or on talk shows

There exists a realistic, practical, immediately available 3rd Option to “stay the course” or “cut and run” - A never-before-discussed Exit Strategy that will end the daily civil war bloodbath, bring real security, stability and democracy to Iraq, and by replacing our troops with non-hated, welcomed G8 forces (China, Russia, France et al), have all Americans home by Christmas. (click here)

The “Give Back the Oil – Replace our Troops with non-hated, welcomed G8 Forces!” Exit Strategy

This plan achieves everything those who want to “stay the course” hope to achieve … and more!

This plan achieves everything those who want our troops home immediately want to achieve … and more … improving Murtha’s Plan substantially.

With this Plan see why Leaving makes us stronger militarily…
And ‘Staying the course’ makes us weaker

87% of Americans favor this Exit Plan
No more orphans for Halliburton and Friends Oil!

A summary of the new, realistic Exit Strategy for Immediately Ending the Mess in Iraq
This Exit Plan is built upon these realities:

1. The real reason – the ONLY reason – we invaded Iraq was for its oil and to control all of the oil in the Middle East
2. Because only the US and Britain were frozen out of the Iraqi oil, with Russia, China and France et al having leases on all of the Iraqi oil reserves, the only way we could get that oil was to invade Iraq and “steal” it from Russia, China, France, etc., which is the reason none of these countries would support our invasion and occupation (In Afghanistan, before invading Iraq, France strongly supported our invasion of Afghanistan, and flew more sorties against the Taliban than any nation.)
3. No Head of a foreign nation could possibly spend their taxpayer’s money and send their citizens into Iraq to protect Halliburton and Friends oil.
4. To replace our troops with strong G8 coalition forces (Russia, China, France et al), we give back the control of these oil reserves to the Iraqis to lease to whomever they choose – Russia, China, France, etc.
5. In return for the oil, these countries will take over the peacekeeping, the training of the Iraqi forces, and the reconstruction of Iraq. This coalition force will be extremely welcomed, not only in Iraq, but throughout the Middle East and the whole world, because they are replacing the hated empire-building “demon/infidel/Satan” American invaders/occupiers whom the Iraqis, the entire Middle East and the whole world see as having illegally and immorally invaded their land for the oil, set up a puppet government, and have created a major Civil War, worse than Vietnam - a Civil War that has no end in sight, and may soon spread to more countries in the Middle East.
6. America will be guaranteed to have Her oil needs met before any other nation, and will be guaranteed that oil will never exceed $40/barrel. America will also receive a fair royalty payment on all oil until America’s costs of liberating Iraq are repaid.
7. Conquest and coercion creates resentment and desire for revenge, and with Iraq having been turned into a matrix of daily bloody violence and THE training ground for all kinds off terrorists from all over the world, where even Baghdad is not even safe and secure, where a quarter of a million Iraqis have fled the country, and over 1.2 million are displaced, 82 members of the new Parliament have asked Bush to remove American troops because the American occupiers are the primary cause of the insurgency that is daily becoming more out of control.
8. Make America free from all Middle Eastern oil in 3-5 years through the technology that is immediately available – not something that hopefully will be available in the future. It is available right now, and for the cost of drilling one new oil platform in the Gulf, could be in every one of the 170,000 filling stations in the US, and for a cost of $100-$200, can convert every existing car to be able to use it. See Video 1 on Home Page.
9. Once we're free of Middle Eastern oil, we, like China, who will spend $170 billion over the next ten years to develop even cleaner, more efficient forms of alternate fuels, can make it a national priority, also spending less than two months of the cost of the Iraq war developing alternate fuels and making us ultimately free of oil all together.
This Plan very quickly achieves every goal those who argue to stay or escalate want achieved – plus additional goals that are equally vital to the National Security of America in its urgent need to stop the worldwide spread of terrorism at a time terrorists will soon have nuclear bombs in suitcases to set off in our subways and nuclear plants – but will be impossible to stop if we stay or escalate
This Plan is a Godsend to the Iraqi people and a Godsend to our Troops. At the same time it strengthens America’s position as the world’s premier military superpower, it also covers America with honor and the respect of the entire world as She resumes Her position of Moral Authority – as not only the world’s premier Military Superpower, but the world’s premiere Moral Superpower - ushering in a new era of international cooperation essential to successfully defeating escalating terrorism spreading to every corner of the world, and starts to stop the rapidly escalating nuclear crisis Bush and Cheney are creating.
“Everybody knows why the US invaded Iraq. The only reason was for the US to establish full control over the oil-gas complex of Iraq, and thereby control the Middle East.”

-- Nikolai P. Tokarev, General Director of a Russian state-owned oil company