Friday, February 09, 2007

Libby Trial Commentary

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The top secret Pentagon Plan to Invade Iran – including the use of two nuclear weapons

Unbeknownst to Congress and the American people, on November 15, 2006 Bush and Cheney launched their previously approved 12-Phase secret plan to attack Iran with nuclear weapons.

Operation Darius - Bush and Cheney’s 12-Phase Plan

Operation Darius, the 12-Phase Plan now fully underway, is a déjà vu of the way Bush and Cheney deceived and manipulated Congress and the American people into supporting the first invasion and occupation of Iraq – making people believe that Iraq was an immediate world threat – exactly as they are now trying to make America and the world believe Iran is an immediate world threat.

And the cowardly Congress who was elected to stop the war in Iraq will do nothing but play political games while the mentally compromised, delusional Bush and Cheney plunge the world into this nuclear holocaust.

Two cornerstone beliefs that make Bush and Cheney certain this attack on Iran will be very successful:

1. No one in America or in Congress will believe it is remotely possible that Bush would use nuclear weapons in Iran. Everyone in the entire world, and every national leader in the world will not take the possibility of a nuclear attack seriously because everyone knows it would be insane to preemptively launch a nuclear weapon, and no sane leader would dare do it, so nations like Iran, North Korea and Syria can continue to openly flaunt Bush and Cheney without fear of military reprisal. What they do not realize is Bush and Cheney are both seriously and dangerously mentally compromised and delusional. (“We’ll be greeted with flowers as liberators.” “The mission is accomplished.” “The insurgency is in its dying throes.” “The Iraqi oil will pay for the costs which will not exceed $50 billion.”) (See Phase 11)

2. Bush and Cheney’s approval ratings at home and abroad are at all time lows mainly because of their catastrophic failures in Iraq and Afghanistan. Historically when a nation goes to war, the entire nation rallies strongly behind the President and Bush and Cheney feel this will enormously increase Bush and the Republicans’ popularity.

3. Bush is no longer feared as a superpower, but is regarded as an impotent joke at home and all over the world. By setting off two nuclear weapons in Iran (per his plan), Bush believes he will automatically regain his status as the world’s sole superpower, the world’s “strong man” leader.
Here is how the secret 12-Phase Plan – already fully underway - will work, resulting in the first nuclear war and greatest human catastrophe in history.

The nuclear attack on Iran would be in 12 phases:

Phase 1: Create a national diversion by focusing the Congress and the voters’ attention on whether or not to escalate our troops in Iraq, completely occupying Congress, the media and the voters.

Phase 2: Bush and Cheney are fully aware this fifth surge will fail as certainly as the previous four, but it will preoccupy America and the world while they secretly move forward with their nuclear attack on Iran.

Phase 3: While everyone is focused on the escalation in Iraq, make an illegal, immoral Preemptive Strike on the Sovereign Nation of Somalia on the pretense of getting a dangerous 9 year old terrorist, but for the real purpose of testing how the public, the Congress and the world will react to another Bush preemptive strike, whose real purpose is to prepare the world for Bush’s pre-emptive strike on Iran’s nuclear building sites.

Phase 4: If there was no real outcry to this violation of Somalia’s sovereignty, a further provocation of Iran would take place by attacking, killing and imprisoning Iran nationals and envoys in Iraq with an intense propaganda campaign that these were Iranians helping Iraq’s insurgents by attacking Americans directly, i.e., Iran surreptitiously attacking America. Of course some Iranians in Iraq were, and always have been, but others were sovereign envoys protected by international law, a clear way of provoking Iran.

Phase 5: Quietly send two full carrier groups – not one, but two - into the area loaded with patriot missiles, and also hidden in their top secret cargos, secretly developed nuclear field weapons - shoulder holstered nuclear “Bunker Buster” missiles - surreptitiously developed against Congress, who had clearly and explicitly refused Rumsfeld’s and Cheney’s request to develop and pay for these incredibly dangerous weapons that could fall into the hands of terrorists and other American enemies all over the world.

Phase 6: Continue preparing America and the world for the nuclear attack on Iran by Bush casually mentioning, almost in passing in his 2007 State of the Union Address, that he has already sent two air carrier groups to Iran with patriot missiles.

Phase 7: If there was no real outcry, either in America or the world, to the first illegal preemptive strike in Somalia, do a second strike in Somalia to desensitize world outrage for any future preemptive strikes – especially the crucial preemptive strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Phase 8: Do a preemptive, absolutely illegal air strike in violation of international law on Iran’s key 3,000 newly developed nuclear facilities with traditional bombs.

Phase 9: Depending on the severity of world response, especially Iran’s and North Korea’s, send a second preemptive air attack with one plane carrying one nuclear weapon.

They will use the nuclear weapon because it is the only weapon they have left. Bush and Cheney’s incompetence has so squandered our military superiority by failing so catastrophically in Afghanistan and Iraq, the only way they can possibly win is by their use of nuclear weapons.
Phase 10: Should North Korea threaten to send, actually send, or even think of sending their over one-million man army across the border to South Korea’s capitol, Seoul, just 30 miles from the border, with only our 37,000 troops standing in the way, we will – for the first time in history - through Special Op forces who have been fully operational in Iran for months, launch an attack on a key Iranian nuclear facility with a Nuclear Field Weapon - one of our secretly developed Shoulder Holstered Bunker Buster Nuclear Missiles.

Iran, Syria and North Korea’s Fatal Miscalculation

Phase 11: Every Head of State, including Iran and North Korea, are absolutely convinced that no sane leader would use a nuclear weapon to attack another country. Unfortunately not one realizes the extremely serious mental illness and delusions of grandeur of Bush and Cheney. (See evidence of how seriously Bush and Cheney are both mentally compromised).

All of the Military experts, politicians, pundits and talking heads who say we’ll never attack Iran because we are already spread hopelessly thin militarily, are wrong – and for the same reason:
The same delusions of grandeur that caused Bush and Cheney to predict repeatedly that we would be greeted as liberators with rose petals in Iraq, have Bush and Cheney absolutely certain that we will have to unleash only two nuclear weapons – one via air and the other a land missile – and the whole world will cave in to our military power. They believe no one will dare fight back for fear a nuclear weapon will be leashed against them, and Bush and Cheney will be the only military superpower in the world.

Bush and Cheney are absolutely convinced every nation will be so terrified, especially by the nuclear land missile’s flexibility, that this fear will completely nullify any troop numbers, no matter how overwhelming. Bush and Cheney are absolutely convinced our overwhelming nuclear power, and willingness to use these air and land nuclear weapons, will force all opponents, from Iran and North Korea, to Syria and Chavez, into immediate submission and our control, forcing them to submit to all conditions we request, and ending any nuclear threat they, or any other nation, might be thinking of developing.

They are absolutely convinced that every nation will so fear a Special Ops use of a nuclear bunker buster in their nation, they will restore Bush and Cheney to being masters of the universe which they stopped being with their failures in Afghanistan (“Forgot-us-stan”), Iraq, Lebanon – and even Katrina.

Bush and Cheney are convinced that whatever negative reaction there will be towards the US at this first use of nuclear weapons in a war, it will be more than offset by the United States regaining its position as the world’s sole military superpower able to crush any opposition, actual or developing, to America’s goals, and give us complete control over all the oil and gas reserves in the Middle East, and elsewhere. In short, it will restore The Bush Doctrine, making America the world’s only superpower, and keep nuclear weapons from being developed anywhere else.
Phase 12: Bush and Cheney are certain that the cowardly Congress, who have brutally betrayed the 2006 voters who gave them control of Congress to stop the Iraq war, are so afraid of even passing aggressive legislation to stop the war, cut off funding, etc., and are so intimidated they spend their time endlessly debating non-binding resolutions and playing partisan games for the 2008 election, will never have the backbone to stop them - even when they discover the hard proof of Bush and Cheney’s mentally ill, already underway plans to attack and invade Iran.

The only possible way to stop them at this late stage is by a Congressional Impeachment Inquiry (not even an Impeachment Trial, but just an Impeachment Inquiry. See Impeachment Process).

And they are right!

The only thing that can stop Bush and Cheney plunging the world into a nuclear holocaust is an Impeachment Hearing. Nothing else will come close.

Because the Congress is so cowardly they won’t even pass binding resolutions to end the war, they will never call for an impeachment inquiry.

Only we, the people, the betrayed 2006 voters, can stop the war we voted to stop!

Only we, the betrayed 2006 voters, can rise up and demand an immediate impeachment inquiry.

And if Congress continues to play their political, so-called “non-partisan” games jockeying for the 2008 elections, we - the people, the betrayed 2006 voters - could hold our own nationally televised Citizens Impeachment Inquiry in a desperate bid to stop this nuclear crisis from becoming a nuclear war.

We have 90-120 days to do it, or the madness of Bush and Cheney will plunge the world into a nuclear Armageddon.
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