Monday, September 22, 2008

Persona and Shadow of Sarah Palin

“Mom” … Palin giving her young daughter a real-life Bambi experience
Palin teaching her young daughter how to be a nourishing, nurturing, caring, supportive and loving mother by watching her kill the most trusting, helpless, gentle and passive of big animals, and then kneeling in triumph over it’s blood-covered body as it slowly dies

The Persona & Shadow
of Sarah Palin

Despite the incredible charm and charisma of Palin’s Persona, starting with her drop-dead gorgeous, all-American good looks, her glib, smooth-talking verbal skills, her warm and engaging personality, and her marvelous hockey mom façade …

… Sarah Palin’s extreme narcissism, severely damaged Maternal Instinct, severely damaged Feminine Instinct, and her malformed Animus – including her Vengeance Animus which makes her punitive minded, weakens her conscience, and makes her deceitful, who will shamelessly say and do anything to be elected - makes her, in view of McCain’s age, illness and potential Alzheimer’s, the most unqualified, dangerous and destructive Vice President in modern times.

The child is the unconscious battleground of the parents. – CG Jung

Whatever is going on in the conscious as well as the unconscious psyche of the parent, is played out in the child’s psyche, forming not only the child’s ego and conscious personality, but all of the complexes and attitudes in the child’s unconscious as well.