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Why Iraq is far, far worse than Vietnam ever was and will get even worse, why “staying the course” weakens America, and the new 'proxy' WW3

Why Iraq is far, far worse than Vietnam ever was and will get even worse if we don’t get out now, why “staying the course” weakens America, and why Iraq is the launching of the new ‘Proxy’ World War III

For 12 long years, we continuously heard that we were going to “stay the course” until the Vietnamese could stand up for themselves which “will probably be by the end of next year,” but because we were so profoundly ignorant of the psychology and culture of the Vietnamese, the War dragged on for 12 long years and we were finally forced to “cut and run” in the most disgraceful and shameful defeat in American history … a defeat we are absolutely certain to repeat in Iraq and whatever other countries Bush’s mania gets us involved in.

How many Americans ended up having to serve in the Vietnam War?

In 1963, there were 16,300 American “Advisors” in Vietnam, and ten years later, in 1973, when we were forced to admit we were wrong and abandon Vietnam:

8,744,000 beautiful American men and woman had had their lives disrupted, destroyed or ended;

Over 59,000 Americans killed or missing (average age 19);

Leaving 20,000 children orphaned for the rest of their lives;

Over 150,000 maimed or permanently disabled, leaving their arms and legs in Vietnam rice patties

… and over 3 million Vietnamese, Cambodians, Laotians, and Indonesians killed.

The Vietnamese Election had a greater turnout than the Iraq Election

In September 1967, the Vietnamese held an election with an over 80% turnout, better than the Iraqi election. We were told then that this was a new day of freedom for Vietnam, a major breakthrough that would soon allow us to start withdrawing our first forces.

We also heard the same “stay-the-course” rhetoric we’re hearing today, calling those who wanted to leave cowards, and predicting the Vietnamese were well on the way of becoming a free, sovereign nation. Yet, seven long years of bloodshed later, with over 35,000 more Americans killed, and 80,000 more maimed and permanently disabled, with our tail between our legs, in shame and disgrace, we were forced to abandon Vietnam – to “cut and run.”

The same profound ignorance of the Arab and Islamic psychology and culture is already creating another Major American Catastrophe in Iraq, another Vietnam, only far, far worse unless we replace our troops before it’s too late, and get rid of Bush and Cheney and their rubber stamped war mongering Congress before it’s too late!

China never entered the Vietnam War but Iraq already has Iran and Syria, and behind them Russia and China already involved

Though we were told that China would enter the Vietnam War it never did, and though we were fighting only the small country of North Vietnam with some behind the scenes support by China, for 12 long years we could never defeat North Vietnam, or establish a free democracy there. But, thank God, the war never spread throughout the peninsula and the Far East. Had it done so we would have been even more disgracefully routed and humiliated.

It is just the opposite in Iraq. The Iraq Civil War has already spread throughout the region. Bush and Cheney’s delusional systems never allowed them to see that the war in Iraq was already part of a deeper “proxy” war with Iran and Syria, who are using Hezbollah and Hamas to attack the United States, just as they are still too blinded to see that the spread of the Iraq war to Lebanon and Palestine, with Iran and Syria behind Hezbollah and Hamas, and Russia and China supporting Iran and Syria -- is just the beginning. Even when a temporary ceasefire is brokered – and it will be – the new ‘proxy’ form of World War III with Iran and Syria, Russia and China will continue for the next decade in Iraq and Afghanistan, the building of nuclear weapons in Iran and North Korea … and who knows where else.

Under Bush and Cheney’s blundering, Iran – THE Shiite country – now is in control of Iraq in a way that was impossible under the psychotic tyrant Hussein. Their Shiite puppets control the Parliament, the Iraqi military, the Iraqi police and everything else, just as their Shiite minions control Hezbollah.

Because of the astonishing ignorance of the Arab and Muslim psychology, culture and religion, just as we were profoundly ignorant of the Vietnamese mentality, even if the war was just contained to Iraq it would be Vietnam all over again, only far worse, because – from the beginning – this has been a religious and cultural war with Muslims all over the world, as well as a war against free sovereign nations everywhere who have a ferocious determination not to let Bush - according to his Bush Doctrine of Imperialism - to dominate and control the world, to dominate their country and region.

Far worse than Vietnam, Iraq has become World War III, which is only going to get far, far worse unless we renounce and destroy the Bush Doctrine of Imperialism by impeaching Bush and Cheney before it’s too late.

Why leaving makes us stronger

Bush and Cheney have spread our military so thin they are close to becoming impotent, even though we have the greatest, most skilled soldiers and technology the world has ever known. After over three years we are still failing so miserably in Afghanistan we still have never been able to capture either Osama or Omar, the head of the Taliban, and added to our even more miserable failure in Iraq, where over 100 Iraqis are killed every day – over 6000 killed since May - since Zarqawi was killed, which we were told would be a turning point, we have shown the world that our massive military power, under Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld’s leadership, is incompetent and stretched so thin it encourages terror groups like Hamas and Hezbollah to openly attack knowing we can’t fight back militarily.

How weak are we militarily by “staying the course”?
We could do nothing if North Korea invaded South Korea tomorrow

If North Korea sent its million man army across the border to the capitol of South Korea, Seoul, only 30 miles away, what could we possibly do? Nothing! Our 30,000 troops on the border would be wiped out immediately … and it is inconceivable that we could drop nuclear bombs on North Korea and not render asunder the entire world by starting a nuclear war – and only God knows where that would end.

By bringing our troops home from Iraq, and regrouping them into a consolidated force, we now would be able to send them in a matter of hours anywhere in the world they would be needed – a fact the entire world would know, and if this was the case now, neither Hezbollah nor Hamas would have provoked these wars for fear of our military response – which they now know is both militarily and politically impossible.

Leaving makes us stronger - staying the course is absolutely certain to create a more shameful disaster than Vietnam.


At 5:32 PM, Blogger Anna Mae Tomco said...

My Uncle went to Vietnam recently and he said that people kept telling him how grateful they were that the U.S. went there. But I still don't get why we went there (granted, i'm 16), and I don't get why we're in Iraq. It dosn't seem like we needed to be there, though. And I'm pretty sure that those orphans aren't too grateful!

At 6:38 PM, Blogger Mark R Brockman Fine Art said...

We do not, should not be in Iraq. It all comes down to religion. Uderstand that religion is power, power breeds evil and evil needs power.

At 2:23 PM, Blogger Mr. Personality said...

Well I lvoe the fact that all the protesters of the Vietnam war, who cared so much for the Vietnamese people and the Cambodians really embraced the Cambodian people during Pol Pot. Pol Pot was a direct result of the "Freedom Fighters of North Vietnam" gaining their "Freedom" of communism. The 150K killed after the Fall of Saigon, they were against the "North Vietnamese Freedom Fighters." They must be against Freedom. I also wonder why If Vietnam is so better off under the "Freedom Fighting" communist, no hippies moved over there. I would like to say Thank you Tom Laughlin, Delores Taylor, and Jane Fonda you helped kill 3 Million people.

At 5:56 PM, Blogger Rorschach58 said...

I am quite impressed that with the ability to delete posts as they would wish to, Tom and Delores have chosen to allow Mr Personality's views to stay here. This speaks strongly on their personal integerity.

At 4:59 AM, Blogger LongLiveNativeAmericans said...

Well Mr Personality, ever seen the killing fields(I think not)Pol Pot was never killed, and if the US were serious in Vietnam why didn't they kill him

Instead he was allowed to go on killing, and the US government did nothing. most people agree with Tom & Delores!

At 5:25 PM, Blogger Steven Paul said...

If your going to go to war, you have to have justification, a proper plan to win, and support of the United Nations. Vietnam was not a war we could win, and they did not think it through. The motivation was better then that of Iraq, but the logic was not. The only way they could have won probably would have been to nuke North Vietnam, and that's not practical or moral (to help freedom for S Vietnam). I am sure the fallout would have killed even the people were trying to help as well. And we could not win a ground or air fight, so we shouldnt have gone at all unless the US itself was at threat and we had to win at all costs. Iraq is another story, the motivation to go to war was Bush personal fight to prevent Sadam from converting his oil market to Euros. The USA stood to lose hundreds of millions of dollars if the rest of the world would have also adapted this trend (switching from US dollars to Euros). So this is how Bush was setting up his oil colony, by trying to protect the US oil companies interests and keep his influence in Opec and strong manipulation of the world oil market. Cheney was his right hand, ahead of the whole thing! Instead, he got us into a war that has turned into a nightmare, disallusionment of the American people, and such strong overwhleming support for US corporations (without any consideration for the American people), that the House and Sebate just lost their GOP majority. He has also gained strong world hate by Muslims everywhere, and a bad opinion of America. World World 3 could be a terrorist war that continues to rage out of control (everywhere), if we dont get out of Iraq, allow them to settle their own security and governemnt, and stop the damage that's being done!

At 12:52 PM, Blogger BiIIY Jack said...

Longlivenativeamericans post another wisely intelligent comment. So in response to Mr personality argument that the war was lost because of hippie protesters and a US policy of fightnog a war with one hand tied behind its back because of US public opinion, Longlivenativeamericans pretty much agrees with Mr Personality in saying they should have escalated the war by taking over Cambodia. and no most people don't agree with Tom and Delores, in fact I think their whackos that live in a reality that they are have created only because they live in the most privileged country the world has ever seen.

At 8:06 PM, Blogger BiIIY Jack said...

LonglivenativeAMericans You are so dumb, Mr Personality is talking about the murders during the Khmer Rouge (Pol Pot for idiots like you) Once again your only reference is a movie, Quit watching the TV for once.

At 7:54 PM, Blogger LongLiveNativeAmericans said...

That's just ur opinion, how far did u go in school?

At 9:15 AM, Blogger BiIIY Jack said...

farther than you

At 6:39 PM, Blogger dennism512 said...

I just got back from spending
21/2 years in Iraq, and if you think that war is about oil then you are sadly mistaken. I have admired Tom since I was a kid and this really caught me by surprise that he could miss the mark on this issue.

At 7:31 AM, Blogger lilfilly said...

If it is not about oil, then what would we want in a country that grows nothing from sand except oil?
Grow up Americans and except reality, Bush wanted to finish what his father couldn't. We need to stay home and help our own country and our own people. Make our own country safe, cause we are not now.
WAKE UP, you may not agree but it makes for a great argument as to what is really going on in this goverment.

At 12:43 AM, Blogger fltmedic said...

Staying the course in Iraq is going to be a fruitless endevoure. How can you kill a person or an idea that is so embedded into their brains. Face it Middle East Muslins hate Americans. They always have and always will. How can you change a persons ideology with brute force and killing when their idea of death is a way into the kingdom of God. The only way to hurt the terroristic states in the Middle East is to go for their wallet. We need to stop foreign investments into the Middle East right here at home. Wall Street has just as much blame for funding terror as anyone else. You may work and have a 401K but did you know that you personally may be helping terrorism? We need to stop the money flow. We need to bring our troops back home and use them to protect our borders instead. We also need to start putting more and more research into affordable alternative energy sources. Sure we will need overseas oil for awhile but eventually we can get rid of our dependence on them. All it takes is some guts and determination.

At 4:39 AM, Blogger AlyceMD said...

I'm afraid we're already too late --WWIII has already started. When was the last time we had one day -- even one hour -- hell, even just one full MINUTE of true peace on Earth? And there is no corner on this planet where we can run from it, either. I'm just as endangered up here in Alaska as are the people in NYC, DC, or LA. It would be nice if we could all find that place of peace within ourselves, but I'm afraid that time has past.

At 12:19 PM, Blogger M Hamburg said...

First of all of course it's for the oil. Bush and Co. realize how much is left and wants to ensure that America controls what is left...not for any patriotic idealation, but because his family and rich cronies will make as much money as they can in the time that is left to make money on oil...and to ensure that we remain the worlds only superpower during the crisis that will come when the world runs out of oil.

Second...I understand that religion plays a huge role in Iraq. But not, in my opinion, for the reasons that most Americans sees that role. It is the reason that the middle east has been war ridden for over 2,000 years. To create a stability of some kind in the middle east we backed people like the Shah of Iran and even Saddam Hussein and helped manipulate them into power there. It was better, in our opinion, to have a ruthless dictator controlling a country than to have it constantly involved in civil wars and wars with neighboring countries. We looked the other way when Saddam used mustard gas in the war with Iran and on the Kurds in northern Iraq because it suited our goals in keeping Iran under control and Iraq comparison to full out civil war and a full out war that is constantly going on between countries. To make my point we were a supplier, along with France and Germany, of the chemicals needed to make the chemical weapons Saddam used. Chemicals that were created for no other use than to make Mustard gas, so we cannot use the excuse that we didn't know what he was going to do with the chemicals we sold him. My point is that we didn't care what the cultural and religeous differences were between the Shi'i, the Sunni and the Kurds was...just that we couldn't have it interfering with our oil supply. Right now Bush's appointee for eveloping war plans BASED upon the understanding of those very differences doesn't know the differences between the Shi'i and the Sunni. He was asked recently who made up Al Queda..the Shi'i or the Sunni...he replied "Both". Al Queda is ENTIRELY is their rebel army to fight AGAINST the Shi'i.

Third, and most important in understanding how corrupt our government has become when it comes to the Industrial Military Complex...we are in the process of destroying (due to an executive order by President Clinton) all of the chemical weapons we have developed and stored in our country. It bothers me that we even developed chemical weapons to begin remains the biggest lie Bush has ever told to bring us to war with Iraq was in preventing them from possesing the very thing we possess. But what bothers me the most is the amount of these weapons...for two reasons.

First reason. We created enough chemical weapons such as Mustard Gas and various nerve agents (10 types of chemical weapons to be deployed in 5 different types of bombs/missles) to kill every man, woman and child on earth 30 times. We have over 1 million weapons...we are destroying them at the rate of 10 tons per day and it will take five more years to complete the job.
My point is this...what were our representatives in Washington thinking when the okayed these weapons, used out tax dollars to pay 100's of billions to huge companies to build them and thought that we needed enough to kill every living thing on the planed 30 times over? You would have to be retarded (used in the "If I only had a brain" sense not the handicapped sense) to think that it was okay, yet alone necessary. To think that we needed those types of weapons is idiotic. To build enough to kill everybody on the planet just ONCE is retarded...but did the govornment stop there? NO...lets build enough so that after we are all dead we will leave behind containers that eventually corode and leek out the rest so that NO LIFE IN ANY FORM can ever get a foothold on earth again for as long as it exists. So my first point is the danger of our Industrial Military Complex with both the govornment and big business having no concience, just wanting the mighty dollar even at the expense of every living being in existence and forever after we are gone.

Second...when were ANY of the American public informed of or given a chance to base their votes for their representatives based upon that information of these weapons. How many Americans even know that we created and possessed such weapons? How many knew how many their were? How many of us knew that our tax dollars were being spent in this way? Most important...if we had been informed, how many of us would have voted in any manner to allow it to happen? I cannot think of even one civilian, even if they are a fanatic for the neo-conservative party, that would want to create enough to kill every person on the planet even once...yet alone spend the money to develope enough to do it 30 times over.

What has become of the America the world respected? That I respected? It has become lost in quagmire of two party politics and our citizens becoming uninformed and uninvolved to the point that Washington openly and freely lies to us...and as long as it is fed to us through the likes of Bill O'reilly,Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh we believe the lie and wave the flag and talk of American pride and defending our way of life instead of realizing we are feeding a war machine that is getting rich on the suffering of all the people on this planet.

It is time to hold our politicians accountable for the monstrocities they have committed...impeach Bush and his cronies like the 25 people he appointed that have either been convicted of crimes, resigned to avoid conviction or are in court being convicted now. Take back our govornment...demand oversight in congress and the senate and never hesitate to remove someone from power that is evil.

Cheney yesterday told Iran to hand over their nuclear bombs or "nothing is off the table" as far as what we will do...what does that mean? We'll nuke you, or invade you because we believe you have developed a nuclear bomb? Boy it seems I heard that before from the very same people who lied and created the mess we are in now...and it has been proven that they were wrong and lied to get approval to do what they did.

WWIII is here people...brought to you by Bush, Big Oil and your freinds at Dow Chemical...working together to bring you a better tomorrow....

At 3:07 PM, Blogger BRENT MICHAEL DAVIDS said...

Thanks Mr. Laughlin for speaking out. We need this discussion and it's rarely being talked about anyplace. Thank you! I'm reading through your site, and will donate soon, and look at things musical to help out. You've got a new friend in me. Sincerely, Brent Michael Davids

At 9:00 AM, Blogger GrannyL said...

Dear Mr. Laughlin,
So glad to have found your website and want to thank you for the good work you are doing. I agree with what you are saying about Iraq, Bush and our reasons for being there. It is and has been based on GREED and the CONTROL of oil from the begining no matter how many lies it takes or lives it destroys.
In one of my spiritual study books by Alice A. Bailey she speaks of WWIII as not only a "religious war" BUT "the war to end all wars" and so, the powers that be are playing with "fire" of which mass destruction can take place if this is not stopped now.
Your solution is just and sound but it will take groups moving in the right directions SANELY and HARMLESSLY to get anything done. Violence only draws more violence and this we do not need.
RIGHT HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS is the long term goal for the whole of humanity but it will be a long time coming.
It all starts with the individual in relationship with his/her own soul and their relationships with others. Do they follow the masses or do they "think for themselves?" It begins with our children and the right parenting and growth patterns for them without hate and prejudices for others.
May the light of your soul continue to guide and support you in your work. I stand behind you.
Most sincerely,

At 8:33 AM, Blogger phil said...

Dear Mr.Laughlin, I'm a huge fan of all your work!I Believe we do need to replace most of our troops and withdraw America's occupation of Iraq and give back the oil control.oil is NOT the future for our planet anyway! keep fighting the posners. Thanks P.Reynolds...............................................................................................

At 8:58 PM, Blogger JD said...

A lot has been stated here (AND still more to read at's...a bit overwhelming, scary. I voted for G.W....but, at the time, I didn't have a clue about all of this. I suppose there are many like me in that regard.
So....anyway, T.L...thanks for your past, and continuing, hard work to expose the lies and deception....and reveal the truth, while helping humanity all over the globe. I think you ARE making a difference, and hopefully, more and more will join you in your endeavors.
Thanks, again, for your work. I've been a fan of yours for 35 years. Stay with it, sir.
You're appreciated,

At 7:16 PM, Blogger get ur done said...

WOW! your website really opened my eyes to this war we need to get out and focus on getting america back to AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL

At 2:57 PM, Blogger Barbara said...

we all miss your video clips and the very informative catagories. you are a wonderful person- so is delores for putting yourselves out there with this for humanity and all that you believe in. I miss Billy Jack. I watch it over and over. I can't wait to see Born Losers again. take care. God Bless You Both Always. Barbara J.


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