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How, and why, Bush is using Israel as a ‘proxy’ to destroy Hezbollah and Lebanon, escalating a different form of World War, a World War by proxy

How, and why, Bush is using Israel as a ‘proxy’ to destroy Iran and Syria’s proxy - Hezbollah and Hamas - according to an Israel step-by-step plan pre-approved by Bush - escalating a radically new and different form of World War –a World War III by proxy

We must stop being deceived – it is not Israel invading Lebanon, but Bush using Israel as a ‘proxy’ nation and Iran using Hamas and Hezbollah as its proxy nation in this escalating new form of World War. In World War III, superpowers use ‘proxy’ nations to attack each other behind the scenes while pretending to have a friendly working relationship on the surface – China and Russia using Iran, Syria and North Korea, and Bush using Israel. Bush and Cheney’s delusional systems do not allow them to understand this, and so they keep being surprised that Russia and China constantly do not cooperate but protect North Korea and Iran against Bush’s attempts to control them.

Bush’s/Israel’s overkill destruction of Lebanon, and Bush’s open refusal to even try for a ceasefire until his “five-step” fantasy plan to destroy Hezbollah is accomplished, per the Bush Doctrine of “destroying anyone who aspires to even regional influence,” threatens the very survival of Israel.

It is not possible to understand what’s going on in the Middle East unless you read ‘The Bush Doctrine’ of Imperialistic ambition to use our “superpower status to dominate and control the entire world.” (click here)

Only when you understand Bush and Cheney’s lust to control the whole world, as clearly spelled out in the Bush Doctrine, includes destroying anyone who even aspires to not only lead, but even just have an influence in their region, as Hezbollah and Hamas are daring to do – and behind them Iran and Syria.

Here are the quotes from this terrifying anti-American doctrine, declaring Bush’s Imperial ambitions:

“The US must establish and protect a new order that convinces potential competitors that they may not aspire to a greater role or pursue a more aggressive posture to protect even their legitimate interests … “

“We must discourage advanced industrial nations from challenging our leadership or even aspiring to a larger regional or global role …

“… we must prevent the domination of key regions by a hostile power …

“… we must maintain our status as a military power of the first magnitude to prevent the development of a nation with regional influence.”

The document openly spells out how we are to “use” certain allies, especially Britain (Tony Blair) and Israel, that can be used as “fronts to provide the most effective and efficient means of exercising American global leadership.”

Bush’s ‘Dead-or-Alive’ Policy

Eliminating Hezbollah, and punishing Lebanon is consistent with Bush’s avowed policy, repeated over and over publicly, of severely punishing any nation that even harbors terrorists – Bush’s ‘dead or alive’ policy of “we will hunt down and kill them, and anyone who harbors them.”

Nothing is more important for Americans to see that it is Bush and Cheney using Israel as a ‘proxy’ to destroy Hezbollah, and to severely punish the Lebanese government and make an example of them by their massive overkill in Lebanon, per the Bush Doctrine. Five years ago Israel drew up a step-by-step plan to invade Lebanon and totally destroy Hezbollah. Per the Bush Doctrine, Bush approved it in detail three years ago, just as Bush had pre-approved before he was even sworn in as President the invasion and occupation of Iraq (click here).

Just as 9/11 gave Bush the excuse to execute his already approved invasion and occupation plans for Iraq, so too, Hezbollah’s illegal invasion, killing and capturing of Israeli soldiers gave Bush and Israel the opportunity to execute their preexisting plan to destroy Hezbollah, and bring down the weak Lebanese government, even though Lebanon was a democracy and Hezbollah had been freely elected to their Parliament.

Israel has more than a right to defend itself – It has a sacred obligation to do so

It is the brutal overkill in Lebanon that betrays Bush and Israel’s real intention. Make no mistake about it – Israel has more than a right to defend itself. It has a serious moral obligation to do so. However, in Lebanon it is no longer a question of Israel defending itself effectively and with whatever brutality is necessary, as they did in Palestine when Hamas illegally capturing an Israeli soldier – in Lebanon it goes way beyond the defeating an enemy. It has become the total destruction of a country and its infrastructure, killing and maiming thousands of innocent civilians, and displacing 500,000 refugees out of their Homeland that has turned the entire world, not just the Arab world, against Israel and Bush’s United States, who the whole world sees clearly is not just behind Israel’s right to defend itself, but Israel’s massive overkill, an overkill that may, in the long run, threaten the very survival of America’s lifelong friend, Israel.

Bush/Israel’s response is like a 12-year-old schoolboy who was beaten up on the bus by a bigger 15-year-old, who takes a gun to school and shoots not only the boy who beat him, but a dozen other innocent bystanders as well.

Israel, a democracy who wants only to be left alone in peace, is put in severe jeopardy by Bush’s blunder

Israel, which from the beginning has been our good and faithful ally, has by Bush’s latest blunder to use Israel to crush anyone ‘aspiring to even regional influence,’ has intensified the already existing hatred against Israel by every Arab on the peninsula to such an enormous level it cannot be measured. And though Israel will crush Hezbollah and obliterate Lebanon, no Jew will be able to eat safely in a café without being blown up by a thousand new suicide bombers, a hatred that will continue for the next 100 years.
All because Bush and Cheney’s incredible incompetence has fundamentally miscalculated the response of the 300 million Arabs on the peninsula against only 5 million Jews – not to mention the response of the entire world, even our allies, against Bush’s madness and Israel’s over the top destruction of an entire nation.

Bush and Cheney are mentally incapable of understanding the complexity of the new sophisticated form of World War III they’ve started in Iraq and are now spreading to the Middle East. Though they can see – as does the whole world – that Syria and Iran are clearly using Hezbollah and Hamas to attack Israel and the United States, their delusions keep them from seeing that behind the scenes, and China and Russia while pretending with lip service to denounce Hezbollah and Hamas, are secretly and fully supporting Iran and Syria, just as they secretly are supporting North Korea against the United States. It is for this reason that Russia and China, while pretending to cooperate, constantly block Japan and the United States’ attempts to punish North Korea and Iran, who are their ‘proxies’ in this new, very different kind of World War.

Bush, blind to the new World War III he and his Doctrine have created and are now escalating by spreading the Iraq war to Lebanon, intensifies the nuclear crisis Bush has created, and plunges us further towards a nuclear catastrophe

Tragically for the United States and the entire world, Bush and Cheney’s delusional systems and profound ignorance of their enemies, starting with Hezbollah and Hamas to Syria, Iran and North Korea, to Russia and China make them blind to the incredible holocaust and escalating nuclear and terrorist crisis their blunder by using Israel as their attack dog in executing their ‘dead or alive’ policy, has created a cultural and religious new World War III that, unless it is stopped, will result in the greatest nuclear catastrophe mankind has ever known.

Only by clearly seeing it is Bush using Israel to destroy Hezbollah and prove his manhood through his cowboy “dead or alive” fantasy and stopping him in the November election by enacting a superb exit plan from Iraq immediately available, or by an Impeachment Inquiry, can we stop this insane escalation of the war before it’s too late.

(For more on Tom's book on The Bush Doctrine of World Domination, click here)

(For the actual Bush Doctrine put out by New American Century, click here)


At 6:57 PM, Blogger Mark R Brockman Fine Art said...

I have a nearly 22 month old grandson, (he is a perfect human being, my heart is so full of love for him)I am in tears as I think of the world he is growing up in. I wish dearly that my art could save the world if only for him and all the children of our future. At this point I feel as though all we do or want in peace is for naught, as for always the powerful (and they are the evil) will prevail. I do not believe in a god but only in the spirit of man and the spirit of man darkens and rots as time passes. Religion is the cause, it is not JUST world domination or control of oil, but religion is what destroys the spirit of man (the vary idea of religion is domination and control). There will one day be a religious war, and it will be the non-religious that will be left to clean up the mess (I hope). Just when will man learn that what we do today will be the legacy we leave our children, I fear for them, not us, but the helpless child that must endure what thinking adults (if truely they do think?)do in their name. If they are our future should we not act like it? I can not tell you how sad I feel right now. I know that I will do what I can to save my children and my wonderful grandson, I will give to my grandson a ray of hope and a strong mind to deal with the evils and religions (they are the same)of the world.

At 12:55 AM, Blogger Tate said...

I was touched by your sincere desire for peace. I am also an artist and will look up your absolute arts website.

I am also a Christian and believe that bush is either the anti-Christ or in the group that will bring "the man of lawlessness" into power - I also believe that Jesus will come to crush the head of satan and defeat all evil for all time.

We need to do everything we can to stop the atrocities, that is our duty.
Jews Against Zionism:
thier site has wonderful photos of their brave marches for peace.

At 12:58 AM, Blogger Tate said...

Some petitions against the slaughter of the Lebanese people:

petition sites were posted on A great leftist Messageboard

At 12:29 PM, Blogger BILLYJERK said...

Bush is not the anti-Christ. He is a human being. I realize it would be more convienient if he were some demon but he is flesh and bone and he is also a Christian. He claims to believe in the very same Jesus Christ that you claim to believe in. Sounds like one sinner casting a stone at another to me. Perhaps you should read the book you profess a belief in and practice instead of preaching.

At 12:29 PM, Blogger BILLYJERK said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 1:02 PM, Blogger BiIIY Jack said...

Hey Tom if you really do read this I loved your movies they were the funniest things I have ever seen. I love Billy Jack. I really like the underlying message that if you talk to your father like a complete degenerate and he hits you for it, then you should run away and hide and if he comes looking for you he should die. I do got a question in Born Losers how do all the bikers know your an Indian. YOu don't look indian at all. The Rtial of Billy Jack is hilarious I love in the end where the National Gaurd are so evil they have to shoot the deformed kid, talk about overkill of a message. I am the one person who watched Billy Jack goes to Washington. I really like the part where you tell the "Governement Agents" that you know that the Man picked Black Agents because no White woman in Washington DC has ever been attacked by black guys, so therefore they must be goverbnment agents.

At 12:58 PM, Blogger PHILLYJACK said...

Where did "billyjerk" learn how to spell? For a person who seems to hate the Billy Jack films he sure seems to know a lot about them. By the way, we are all sinners!!

At 9:26 AM, Blogger george bush said...

billyjerk, you rock!!!!!!!!!!!

At 8:55 PM, Blogger LongLiveNativeAmericans said...

It's funny, for the people that don't like Billy Jack it was a successful film(no argument)but then some white country folk wouldn't the films! Oh, Billy Jerk you & Billy Jack(the blogger) both suck. Most of us agree with you Tom!

Bless ya

At 9:57 PM, Blogger BILLYJERK said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 10:21 PM, Blogger BILLYJERK said...

who said i didn't like the billy jack movies? i bought the boxed set right here on tom's site. of course the readers of this blog would rather attack my spelling or pretend to know what movies i like than talk about what i said.

Bush is just a human. he is made of flesh just like you are. he is not evil. you may disagree with him on fundamental issues but that does not make him evil. and he is a Christian like you are.. he said he is anyway.. you know.. like you say you are.

I suck and most everyone agree's with Tom. but that doesn't change the fact that the readers of this blog who disagreed with what I said resorted to attacks and insults rather than discuss it thoughtfully. Which proves my point, would Christ act like that? Would he act like you? Would he throw stones at a brother? Like I said perhaps you should read the book you claim to believe in.

Bless ya!

At 7:10 AM, Blogger Mark R Brockman Fine Art said...

Actions not words are what is important. I, as a non-christian, do not take to heart that if one says they are a christian that I will then believe that they will do good. To say it does not mean that they practice it. Look to thier actions then decide if they are worthy of trust. Bush has gone against his words so he is not to be trusted, christian or not. It is time that we stop dividing the world by race, origin, or religion, and embrace others because they are humans, and deserve the same respect and dignaty that we all deserve. Only our actions speake for us, not what we claim to be. Till we look beyond titles the world will never change.

At 4:59 AM, Blogger LongLiveNativeAmericans said...

Billy Jack, Most Bikers (outlaw) are dumb that's why no one likes them (they are drug pushers)Because of their IQ thats why they may have thought he was indian! Besides it's just a film or maybe you thought it was real!

At 3:30 PM, Blogger sisterofthunder said...

If you want to know what Hamas and Hezbollah are really like and the doctrine they teach and the documentation to substantiate what he is saying to really understand what their agenda is from a former Muslim PLO terrorist who was raised in the Middle East and sent over to the U.S. to recruit terrorists read the book Why I Left Jihad
His website is

At 3:35 PM, Blogger sisterofthunder said...

Correction on Spelling
Why I Left Jihad the book from the former terrorist is avaliable on his website is
It's also at major book stores
Until you have read what someone raised in the culture has been taught you can only percieve through a western mentality and we are decieved.

At 9:03 AM, Blogger BiIIY Jack said...

sisterofthunder, so what your saying is we are deceived to beleive that blowing people up in the name of god is wrong and we should understand where these people who do that are coming from. I think, and you may think I'm wrong, that any group who achieves voice through violence should be silenced with violence. I know this strategy doesn not work, but it's better than succumbing to being blakcmailed into our way of thought by terrorism. For people like Longlivenativeamericans who are too stupid to understand what I'm saying, I am saying the state of Israel has a right to exist, if Muslim inotelerance of other religions living next to them causes violence, then I think there should be a correction of their way of thought. When that violence spills over into the US, because of alliance and support of Israel, the US should not be blackmailed by terrorist acts, otherwise we would be ruled by a terrorist group that dictates our policies. I know you will argue that we are being run by a "terrorist group" well George Bush was elected by the people no matter how close it was of a race, and you may not like it but that is a democracy. If you want some truth about Muslim thoughts of Jews look at the reason why Israel was created, and I'm not talking about the holocaust look at the history of Palestine in the early 20th century, nothing but terrorsit attacks against local jews. YOu don't know anything about principles.

At 5:10 PM, Blogger The Arkman said...

Dear Tom,

I admire your quest for world peace,
but I don't see, how the Iraq war has benefited U.S. with their oil,
the gas pump prices right now do not reflect accurately your statements against Pres. Bush. If we went to war because of Iraq's oil, show me how has Pres. Bush or our country benefited "oil wise"?

I really wouldn't worry about it, I would worry more and would try and find out why did my order #2910,
which was placed on 7/12/06, was never received yet my credit card still reflects that Billy Jack Enterprises already received payment and my (3) e-mails that I have sent already were never answered? God will take care of the Iraq war as He desires, but you my friend should concentrate more in how you business is running, I would say poorly. But I am very disappointed in how BJE runs their
business. With all due respect to
Tom & Delores, The Billy Jack were
always enjoyable and with powerful messages of tolerance and love. Also, I just received the 5 DVD Billy Jack collection through a 3rd party via the internet at a great price and materials received within 8 business days. May the Lord richly bless the Laughlin family,

In His Svce,
Dr. Mike Bonilla - The Arkman
(Biblical Arcaheologist & Author)

At 1:40 PM, Blogger Shmuel Goldstein said...

Oh, no, no, no, not at all. It's quite simple, and has nothing to do with Bush. After all, Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982, when Dubya wasn't even Governor of Texas.

Hizbullah, and Hamas, and many in the Arab/Muslim world want to destroy Israel. An independent Jewish state on land that was once ruled by Moslems is an offense to the honor of the believing Moslem.

There is nothing that gets an Arab/Moslem pissed off more than an offent to his honor.


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