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How we can be free of Middle Eastern Oil in 2-3 years

“One of the most astounding claims I’ve made in public in the last 25 years...
“… telling you about one of the most astounding discoveries I’ve made in the last 25 years …
“… a discovery that virtually no American knows about."

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SP=Stone Philips DR = Dan Rather
BE=Barry Engle DK=Daniel Kammon
RW=Rick Wagner VK = Vinod Khosla
RC=Red Cavonet

TOM: Let me tell you right off why did I use the word “astounding” twice. Because it applies to two specific discoveries.

The first is that I had no idea that we could indeed be free from all Middle Eastern oil and have gas available at the filling station down the block for 20-30% less than gasoline right now – in two to three years at the most – I couldn’t believe it. But what astounded me even more, was that I didn’t know about it, my wife didn’t know about it … and we are really committed and concerned people on these issues – no environmentalist or person in alternate fuels knows that it’s so immediately available. That was the most astounding part.

Sound too good to be true? Science fiction? Absurd? Listen to what experts, like the heads of General Motors, the President of Ford Brazil, the Founder of Sun Microsystems, NBC, CBS – and even Wal-Mart – say is available right now.

BE: This isn’t science fiction. This is worldwide technology that we’re using here in Brazil every day on a broad scale basis.

DW: There are things that we can really do right now. It doesn’t require massive technology breakthroughs.

DK: The transition is pretty easy.

DR: Are we talking three years, five years, twenty years?

DK: I think it’s less than that actually. I would bet that we would have enough ethanol stations within two to three years time at most.

Kosla: It would be a lot cheaper than $1 a gallon. It might be less than 70 cents a gallon, right there. Right today.
There is nothing standing in the way.

TOM: What you are about to see now is incontrovertible proof that we could be free of that oil in three to five years, at the most. If John Kennedy could put a man on the moon in a decade when he didn’t even have the technology to fly into outer space, and we not only have the technology right now, but it’s fully operational in Brazil, right now, we could have it in three to five years, all depending on how we vote in this next election.

TOM; The magic words are ETHANOL and FLEX CARS. We’ve all heard about ethanol. Like many me, we all believed its 15-20 years away if it ever becomes operational. Wrong. It’s operational right today, and the United States could be converted to ethanol gasoline choice in two to three years.
SP: Barry Engle is president of Ford Brazil.

Barry Engle: This isn’t science fiction. This is real world technology that we’re using here in Brazil every day on a broad scale basis.

SP: At a time when Ford and other US automakers are posting huge losses, sales here are up.

DR: Rick Wagner is the head of General Motors.

RW: I think what we like about ethanol in this case is there are things that we can really do right now. It doesn’t require massive technology breakthroughs.

DR: Professor Daniel Kammon heads the Renewable Energy Lab at the Berkeley campus of the University of California. He’s watched Brazil’s ethanol experiment for years.

DK: They saw the price trans for ethanol from sugar cane going down, and of course the global price of gasoline going up. And so they made it work, and it wasn’t even that hard.

TOM: Vinod Khosla is one of the world’s foremost experts on ethanol. The billionaire co-founder of the Sun Microsystems is both a biomedical engineer and an electrical engineer, and is renowned for his innovative technology. He is now on a crusade to make America aware that we can have ethanol right now.

But that’s not even the exciting part. With new technology, Khosla says we can process these mountain of leftovers and triple the amount of ethanol you get, dramatically reducing costs. And that’s exactly Kosla’s vision for America, putting new generation ethanol plants next to paper mills, turning their leftovers into fuel, or orange juice factories where he says ethanol from peels could replace petroleum. But it gets better. Kosla says we can make ethanol out of something as common as prairie grass. It is much cheaper, and deliver ten times the energy.

Kosla: We can return the country back to the prairie grass that used to have hundreds of years ago, and meet all our petroleum needs.

TOM: The other key to this new revolution is the FLEX car –a car that can run on either ethanol or gas, which by the way isn’t new, the first Model T’s ran on it.

SP: The key to ethanol’s popularity here in Brazil is choice. If you drive a Flex fueled car like this, you get to choose every time you pull up to the pump. The choices … gasoline, ethanol, or alcohol as they call it here, or a mixture of the two. You check the prices and make your choice.

DR: And it’s sold at every gas station, right alongside gasoline.

TOM: And for those who own muscle cars and are worried that ethanol will weaken your power, all the oil companies already add at least 10% ethanol to gasoline because it boosts the octane.

SP: The car goes faster?

Man: Yeah, it goes faster, yeah.

TOM: And Ethanol as only as a tiny additive isn’t going to replace foreign oil. They key is what is called E85 – 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. So – now comes the huge question - how much does a flex car cost? We are brainwashed to believe that it’s going to take years. WE all know the enormous cost of the Prius and how short they are, etc., so we believe that Flex cars will be way off in the future after enormous amount of money is spent. Wrong. And this is really decisive. The Flex car is available right now, at no extra cost. Not a dime.

SP: In fact, both Ford and GM already sell Flex cars in the US, and how much more does this new technology add to the sticker price? Not a dime.

DR: And it doesn’t cost any more than a conventional car. Flex fueled automobiles adjust automatically to whatever is put in the tank – gas, ethanol or any combination.

Salesman: Everybody wants to buy a flex-fueled car.

BE: 70% of this particular model is sold with the Flex engine. And 90 days from now it will be 100%.

SP: At a time when Ford and other US automakers are posting huge losses, sales here are up.

TOM: And the best part of all is we don’t have to go buy a Flex car. You can take the car you are driving now and for a few dollars convert it to a flex car. Easy, simple, and in less than a couple of days. Right now everyone can have a Flex car.

Kosla: Environmentalists love it because it’s greener, and your conservatives like it because it insures energy independence and security for America. The farmers love it because it takes oil dollars and moves it to rural America.
George Bush: Ethanol will replace gasoline consumption. Ethanol is good for the whole country.

TOM: This is again what’s so sad. This is part of that massive manipulation and engineering of consent of us in America. The President appears at an Alternate Fuel, and talks like he really believes in alternate fuel and it’s good for America. But he has done nothing. He knows what you are learning here. He knows that in five and a half years he’s been in office he could have America converted to ethanol and totally free from Middle Eastern oil. And if we were free from Middle Eastern oil, that’s the end of the Iraq war, that is the best possible protection against terrorsts, in fact it reduces our threat from terrorists down to about 2%. Nothing could be more important for America. So why, instead of going to war in Iraq for the oil didn’t we concentrate and make America an Ethanol nation right now.

SP: Some oil companies have complained that putting ethanol in their stations would require costly and complicated changes to their trucks, tanks and pumps.

DR: They want to spend billions finding new sources of oil, which is more expensive to produce, instead of switching over to E-85.

TOM: This is more than massive manipulation. Convincing us that the only way we can get relief from the gas pump is to immediately start spending billions of dollars drilling in ANWAR, off the California coast, the Gulf coast – when in fact, for a fraction, a tiny fraction of the cost of that drilling we could be totally free from all Middle Eastern oil now.

DR: Red Cabonet is the head of the American Petroleum Institute, the oil industry’s trade association. He estimates it will cost up to $200,000 to bring E-85 to each station, and the people who own the stations, would have to foot the bill.

Kosla: I’ve looked at all the issues they’ve raised. In fact, most of them are bogus.

TOM: This is what is so frightening about what is happening today. These are more of the lies. The fact is that it can be done very quickly, and very cheaply.

DK: The transition is pretty easy. It looks like it it’s $30 or $40,000 per gas station to change over and have an ethanol dedicated pump.

DR: Are we talking three years, five years? 20 years?

DK: I think it’s less than that actually. I would bet that we would have enough ethanol stations within two to three years time at most. And the reason is the transition is so easy that doing the retrofit to have ethanol pumps available can be done in a matter of weeks.

TOM: As for their false claim that it would be out of sight costly to change over all their storage tanks, their trucks, and their filling stations, that too is a lie.

Kosla: In most cases the same holding tanks can be used. The same trucks can be used to transport the ethanol. There are logistic problems to be solved, to be sure, but it’s not a difficult transition.

SP: As for the expense, Kosla estimates it would cost about $15-$20 million to offer ethanol pumps at 1,000 gas stations in California.

TOM: $15-20 million for 1000 stations – double that for 2,000 stations is not the real story. The real story is that it costs between $3.5 to $4 billion to drill a new oil platform in the Gulf Mexico.

Head of Chevron: The latest project we’re developing in the Gulf of Mexico, it’s a project in the deep waters at 4-5000 feet of water. It’s $3.5 billion just for that platform to produce 125,000 barrels a day of oil.

TOM: So for virtually the cost of one platform we could have 170,000 filling stations in the United States each have an ethanol pump just like in Brazil.

Kosla: We need to make sure that the major oil companies don’t manipulate the price of oil enough to drive ethanol out of business.

SP: Do you believe oil companies would deliberately drop the prices of oil?

Kosla: Absolutely! A senior executive of a major oil company came up to me and said, “Be careful,” in a very warning tone. He said, “Be careful, we can drop the price of gasoline.”

TOM: Just another piece of evidence that shows how the Administration and the oiligarchy can manipulate the oil prices if they want, and if ethanol becomes the threat it absolutely will for the entire oil industry, that threat will be very grave.

DR: Why shouldn’t I think, well this is just a way for the oil companies to slow or snuff out the growth of ethanol and other alternatives?

RC: I think we’ve showed that we’re strong supporters for ethanol where it’s appropriate …

DR: But what the oil industry considers appropriate is limiting ethanol to an additive, and not moving quickly to something like E-85.

TOM: Notice the use of the word “appropriate”, that is exactly the kind of thing we teach you elsewhere on this website to look for to stop the manipulators, the cons and the liars. Appropriate? Appropriate to who? Appropriate for what? They just use that word and make it appear like they are all for ethanol when in fact they could be adding 85% ethanol to the cars right now.

RC: What we don’t want to do is over promise to the American public what can be done with these alternative fuels and then under deliver.

TOM: Under deliver? Again, this is this Kafkaesque, Alice in Wonderland spin they put us in. It is not possible to under deliver. Brazil has it right now. We could have it right now. It is not possible. And yet they spin that out as if they are good guys and they certainly don’t want to disappoint us. I’m disappointed everytime I go to the pump and have to pay $3.50 plus. That’s disappointment.

Bush: Ethanol is good for the whole country.

TOM: If you believe that George, then why don’t you devote the last two and a half years of your term to making it happen. There is nothing you can do, George, to protect Americans from the war on terror more than getting us free from Middle Eastern oil. Please, don’t continue to shred the Constitution and go ahead and all these elaborate spying and domestic phone calls etc. Nonsense. Get us free from Middle Eastern oil, out of Iraq and the war on terror goes to virtually nothing.

If Bush had been the President of the American people and not the President of the oligarchy, and if the cowardly, systemically corrupt Congress was not bought and paid for by the multinations, we could be an ethanol nation right now free from all Middle Eastern oil. When Bush and Cheney took office five and a half years ago, because they know what you know now, they had a choice. They could have converted America to an ethanol nation free from Middle Eastern oil, or they could lie and send us to war in Iraq for the oil.

The choice they took was obvious, the horror, the catastrophe they have created at a time terrorists are soon going to have nuclear weapons in suitcases and they want to now invade Iran with nuclear weapons, etc., is humongous, horrible, heinous.

We cannot let this go on. Delores and I have made a commitment. We’re on a crusade to convince all of America of the enormous importance of E85, and that we really can be free of Middle Eastern oil right now. Everything on this website, everything in our film, everything in our publicly televised hearings and trials are going to be devoted to making mainstream America aware of what’s available right now.

In addition, we’re going to take a series of full page ads, we’re going to do TV commercials, infomercials, radio spots – and what is truly exciting, is that right now, there are political tools available, a voting strategy, that we can enact that will fundamentally change the 2006 election, and it will force Congress right now to start converting America to an ethanol nation if they want to be reelected.

We have a Contract with Congress – please click here to find out what it is, and join us in this crusade to get free of Middle Eastern oil, end the Iraq war, stop the cascading plunge to nuclear catastrophe, all of those things follow.
Help us get E85.


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