Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Unconscionable Lie that Bush and Prince Abdullah were meeting to find ways to reduce soaring oil and gas prices

Bush and Cheney are responsible for the outrageous cost of gas at the pump, not indirectly, not peripherally, but directly responsible for the gluttonous gas prices.

Sound unbelievable?

Read on.

Bush owns and controls the Saudis to do exactly what he and Cheney tell them to.

Here’s the proof.

Few people know that before the preemptive and illegal invasion of Iraq, a vast number of previously unknown oil reserves were found, making Iraq the richest oil producing nation in the world (over 250 billion barrels), surpassing even Saudi Arabia, who has not found a new oil reserve since the 1970s.

Before the invasion, America and Britain were frozen out of the Iraqi oil fields.

· Russia had the West Qurnah oil field,
· China had the Rumalyah Reserve
· France had two of Iraq’s largest fields - the Majnoon and Nahr Bin Omar.

The only way Bush could take control of these oil reserves, plus the new ones, was to invade Iraq and then occupy it as an American oil colony. Sound unbelievable?

Before Bush was even sworn in as President, he had already approved the preemptive invasion of Iraq, and drawn up detailed plans of occupation. These plans included – again, before he was even sworn in – the building of 14 military bases in Iraq alone. Not 2, 3, or 5, which would have been a staggering number for an invader who wanted to get out as quickly as possible, but 14.

In addition, the design called for building the largest embassy in the world (6,000 people). 6,000 people for a country the size of Iraq we were just going to be in temporarily?

No – with 14 permanent military bases we not only owned all of Iraq and its superrich oil fields, we controlled, i.e. owned every country in the Middle East, for who could dare oppose the military might of America spread out over 14 military bases within a stones throw of every Middle Eastern capital. With such power Bush controlled not only Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and every one else in the Middle East, and that included complete control of OPEC.

Here’s why Bush and Cheney are directly responsible for the soaring gas prices.

The design for occupying Iraq included – and again this was before he was even sworn in as President – a two-phase plan to control oil prices.

The first phase was to order OPEC to agree that during Bush’s first term OPEC would put a low end cap on oil, and never let it drop below $40/barrel, such as Kuwait did before the first Gulf War by glutting the market so that oil dropped to a pitiful $7/barrel. OPEC put that policy in place, and though word of it leaked out stuck to that policy.

The second phase, if Bush was elected to a second term, was negotiated through Prince Bandahar and the same Crown Prince Abdullah Bush was posing with yesterday.

That phase would push oil to $65-75/barrel, and gas prices to $3.50-$4/gallon by the Summer of 2005. By the Summer of 2006, oil would reach $75/barrel, and a gallon of gas would climb to between $4.50-$5/gallon.

However, just before the elections, in September of 2006, gas prices would drop, so that the Republicans could gain even more control over the House and Senate.

Need proof that Bush had these detailed plans before becoming President? The proof is in the pudding in what actually happened. How many permanent military bases are there in Iraq today? 14. How big is the mega-million dollar embassy being built? Big enough for 6,000 people. And what are the gas prices at your local pump? Do not believe all of the bull spit about increased demand in China, etc. It’s oil gluttony pure and simple, as Chevron toasting their all time record profits tells even the most unconscious Bush devotee.

I am personally offended, no – nauseated – when I see the front page of the Los Angeles Times, and other newspapers, showing a picture of Bush and Prince Abdullah holding hands as they supposedly seek solutions to help so many millions of Americans truly suffering because of the absurd gas prices creating windfall profits for the House of Saud and the House of Bush. (Incidentally, Craig Unger’s book, House of Bush, House of Saud is a must read for everyone who wants to stop this takeover of America’s government by these multi-national corporations.)

Next: We’ll take up the filibuster, Bolton, and what defines a Neo-Fascist mentality and government.
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At 9:16 AM, Blogger Ron Coyote said...


I agree the whole thing is sickening -- and I'm looking forward to the new Billy Jack film by the way (I'm a big fan) -- but I wanted to point out it's not just about oil. Don't underestimate opium as another driving force. I've heard estimates of the worldwide opium market as high as $100 billion per year. That's a lot of dough! And there's a lot of money too in the legal drug world, which uses the (supposedly illegal everywhere) opium in the production of things like morphine and codeine. And Bush just happens to have a lot of money in pharmaceuticals, not just in oil. Another interesting fact is how Henry Kissinger is the biggest private land owner in Indonesia, with something like a third of the whole country. Indonesia just happens to be a main heroin-producing area.

The war on drugs (illegality keeps the drugs expensive) and the war on terrorism (all about power and control) and the war over oil -- are all about money and power in the final analysis.

Power really does corrupt.

Ron Coyote

At 7:29 PM, Blogger ndma said...

You have the oil in Iraq, the opium in Afganistan (no doubt the CIA hates competition)There is one other stated reason for this war that too many overlook: The misguided dispensationalist (read Religious Right) dream of 'restoring' Israel thereby setting up Armageddon so their Christ can return.

At 12:51 PM, Blogger MJB said...

Tom, what you are discussing here is the same thing as Michael Moore implanted in his documentary, Fahrenheit 9/11. I don't think most people know the TRUE EXTENT of what is going on here in our nation. It's about oil, it's about corruption, it's about cover-up, it's about lying, cheating, and fooling the American public into believing these LIES. None of what is going on is coincidental. Is it a coincidence that many American airline passengers are being treated like they are corrupt terrorsts, whenever they fly on one of our country's airlines? I happen to know, first hand, that the "Do Not Fly" lists in which the airports use, and the 'Patriot Act' (which wasn't even voted on, when signed by Congress) is being used for corruption, and is being used against good, clean, law-abiding, tax paying citizens. How fair is this? I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined, that as a child (in the days I was happily viewing the BJ film series) that ANY of this corruption would be going down against America's own PEOPLE and citizens, but it is TRUE! Yet, there were SO MANY warnings in the BJ films: tapped phone lines (and now the taps are WAY more sophisticated too!), government (cops and Higher Up) corruption, murders that these Higher Ups were behind, etc., etc.

Was it also coincidence that Senator Wellstone of Minnesota "died" in an airplane crash right before he was about to be reelected, or was his death due to the fact that he was going to sign AGAINST the Iraqi war, in which Bush and his men were supporting, due to greed and corruption? These deceitful politicians will do anything to get their LIES into office, no matter if men have to die in order for them to be successful. What saddens me is even many devoted BJ fans here On Line, though they've viewed the movies (with proof and just cause of what was occurring back then) they still do NOT get it and they still support Bush and the war, even after seeing the reasons why and how government is, and can be, corrupt, they still seem to overlook how Bush and his administration are fooling so many people still TODAY.

I was appalled to go to a Louie Pahl Christian festival, last summer, and it turned out to be an ordeal where kids were running around with petitions, trying to persuade people to sign up as Bush supporters. My family and myself walked away VERY disappointed in those tactics. This was suppose to be about Jesus, and not whether one was a Bush supporter, or not. The Christian voters have voted for him mainly on the fact that he is "supposedly" Anti-Abortion, yet, will abortion ever end? NO, though I am also against it, these politicians are wasting their breathe trying to get anything done to stop it, there are too many people who believe in the principle of "my body, my choice" for it to end. (THIS is SIMPLY my PERSONAL OPINION, and what others believe about it is up to them, but I was raised to accept that it is wrong, and murder of the innocent.) Yet, these same voters act like they cared less that their economy would be destroyed, once Bush was "voted" (HA) in (again, more lies and cheating and corruption there too), nor did they seem too concerned that jobs would be harder to come by once he was "voted" (HA) in. Many people just don't seem to want to "get it" just WHY the oil prices, and this war is taking place- in the first place. I am not a HUGE Michael Moore fan, yet, I do see the PROOF in his films, and he shows, firsthand, via use of "actual" news and film footage, just what is BEHIND THE SCENES, where Bush and his campaign are concerned. All of these innocent soldiers (and many of them are barely out of high school) are taken away before they have a chance to even really LIVE, and they will not have the opportunity to get married, have kids, or have futures, thanks to this CORRUPTION, as they are now DYING for our so-called Peace. This is NOT peace, when innocent blood is being shed, because of these LIES!!

Tom, I would love for you to write me at, and we could talk more about this topic, as I really do have a whole lot I would like to speak with you about, regarding this topic, and ask for your professional advice on what one might do about being wrongly placed on these "No Fly" lists, and for those whom have had this Patriot Act destroy their lives. I could discuss this topic incisively/excessively. Now that I am no longer a child, and now that I see TRUTH for TRUTH, and it is harder to pull the wool over my eyes, I find it hard to just sit around and ALLOW the CORRUPTION to transpire.

Please continue keeping the American Public enlightened, and THANK YOU for the enlightenment! I, for one, am listening.

At 4:32 AM, Blogger Ron Brynaert said...

I just read the Times article...can't believe you have a blog...I hope you update it.

Billy Jack kicks ass. I'll definitely link to you at my blog.


At 1:12 PM, Blogger Sam Boogliodemus said...

I'm going to put this foot up your ass.

At 12:38 PM, Blogger protein wisdom said...

I think it would have been cheaper for Bush and Cheney to lobby heavily for Anwar, but whatever. By the way, I totally dig your hat.

At 1:21 PM, Blogger Mumon said...

Nice blog - keep it up!

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At 7:13 AM, Blogger Myrrdyn said...


I've been a fan of BJ for most of my life, but must admit that I've never seen the other 3 movies of the series - until last night. My wife and I rented "Trial . . ." through Netflix, and watched it last night. I was struck with the observation that Billy's spiritual journey was as important to the story as any events going on around them. Do you offer coaching or training for those interested in the spiritual journey? Thanks.

At 12:53 PM, Blogger tle said...

I have to agree with ndma. As a conservative Christian, it saddens me to watch my religion being hijacked for political purposes, especially for those who have the unmitigated GALL to believe that they can force God's hand. It seems as if people in this country have lost the ability to think for themselves and to be discerning. A very sad commentary. When I think about it "I JUST GO BERSERK"!

At 12:43 PM, Blogger George Lunt said...

Why haven't you kept up with your blog? I'd like to see more.

At 8:32 AM, Blogger Debbe said...

I agree I would like to see more updates on blogs.
Huge Fan

At 6:18 AM, Blogger brianna57isamar said...

Just passing by your blog and though you'd like this website.

At 3:15 PM, Blogger heather51 said...

We can talk about corruption until we are blue in the face, it won't change a thing. The majority of people who live in the West think that their government are the good guys and all the others are the bad guys. All governments treat their public like mushrooms, i.e. they keep us in the dark and feed us bull..... The fact of the matter is if you do speak out and actually have a famous profile you put youself in a position of harm not necessarily by middle-eastern governments but your own. That is not to say we shouldn't do it, we should because it is the right thing to do, but make no mistake our so called "good guys", our government will have no hesitation in handing down a covert order to get rid of you if they thought you were creating a threat to their power and control. I always that the governments in the east used torture; I know now that all of them do. I don't know who I am more scared of them or us. It all gets down to power, control, money, etc. The roots of all evil. I just pray to God every day that he will do something, because you see, he can and I wouldn't like to be in their shoes when he does.

See my blog

At 10:05 AM, Blogger 121774 said...

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At 11:42 AM, Blogger Ron Coyote said...

So how's it going, Tom? Are you still out there? Or did Big Brother take you out already? From the looks of the spam showing up here, you haven't visted in a while.

At 4:18 PM, Blogger The Armchair Critic said...

The U.S. Gov. has alienated itself from one of it's true friends, Canada.
We bothe have families in each others country. Canada was there in all wars, even the ones where we were there before you(WW2).
Republicans and Demo's alike have corrupted even the word WAR.
Before, War was started when people HATED one another.
Now it is started because of flagrant corporate greed.
Canada has been over-run by corporate greed from the U.S.
As well as we are getting pressured by U.S. polititions to chain 'our' laws (corporate or otherwise) to meet your governments screwed up fascist adjenda.PLEASE look up the word in question before you judge me.
I , as a person living north of your borders has first hand experience , of the effects of your paranoid governments corruption.
Nothing personal,However I agree with you.

At 8:16 AM, Blogger Puurrrkat said...

Ah it is so nice to see that Tom (aka Billy Jack) has a blog :) Just wanted to let you know I was a huge fan of your films and I always wondered why they stopped being made.

That said, I just want to point out, that while Bush and his gang of thugs may have control over oil prices domestically, they are losing control over oil prices internationally. When that happens, you can pretty much toss their control of oil out the window.

Here's why. Every single international currency on FOREX is backed up by something. If it is not backed up by productivity (human labor) it is backed up by Gold. Most currencies are fiat, they are backed up by nothing, which means that a country has to produce something the rest of the world wants in order for demand to exist for their currency. US is now in the final stage of deindustrialization, all the factories have been dismantled, and truw production jobs has been shipped to China. We now have a "service economy" where everyone does everyone else's laundry and goods are imported from productive countries. US currency has not been on the gold standard since 1971, when Nixon slammed the window shut on it.

For this reason, there is huge international downward pressure on the US dollar, more and more people are wondering why they need to keep trading using this worthless piece of greenback.

The only thing that backs up US dollar is oil, that is why it is called the Petrodollar. OPEC requires payment for their oil in dollars, which is why every other country in the world must hold dollars in reserves. This is why the US could get away with dumping the gold standard, and dismantling its factories and shipping them to China. Whether anything is produced in US or not, whether dollar is backed by gold or not, the rest of the world would continue to demand dollars for them to buy oil from OPEC countries.

That, my friend, is about to change.

US has successfully pissed off the entire world with its arrogance and threats, it has alienated all its friends, and the world is getting tired of taking worthless US paper for products they have had produced cost. OPEC has made no secret it wants out of this dollar arrangement Nixon made with them after he kicked US dollar off the gold standard in 1971. Iraq got sick of paying for the bombs that had been falling on them for 10 years, so they dumped it and went to Euro, which is why they were invaded. More and more countries are leaving the dollar, Venezuela, Russia, Iran, and of course, Europe. They want other currencies to pay for their goods.

March 2006 is a month of enormous negative implications for the US dollar. In that month trade in middle east oil in Euro begins. Iranian Bourse will begin competing with NY and London oil exchanges, oil will be traded in Euro rather than dollars.

When that happens, US control of oil prices will end. You didn't really believe all this horseshit about Iranian nukes now did you? It's the Iranian bourse they want to stop.

I am currenty working on an essay about this whole thing, will post it to my blog in the coming days, but right now my car has croaked so I have to fix that (I fix my own stuff) so things have been put on hold with the essay at the moment.

Tom, thanks for all the great memories and if you really have a new movie in the works, I look forward to seeing it.

At 4:16 AM, Blogger kim ann said...
the news is out billy jack married under age woman in secret ceremony with witness's

At 8:53 PM, Blogger Patricia said...

I agree with you, something has to be going on for all this to happen. Gas prices don't go up over night.

At 9:05 PM, Blogger Patricia said...

Hi Tom,
Just have to say I loved all 4 of your movies, I have wondered what has happened to you, and your wife. We need more of your movies. You or your wife email me at I would love to hear from you. I have not seen either of you in movies for a long while.
I agree with what you are saying on your blog. My mom is a republican and she can't stand Bush for what he has been doing. We should have never went to war, it was the wrong thing to do. I just had a nephew go to Kawate last month. He is in the branch that goes in first. We are worried about him as well as everyone already there. This war needs to stop now.
Can't wait for another movie, Let me know when it will be out.
Your Greatest Fan
Patricia Paddock

At 7:30 AM, Blogger Olaf Vanderhoot said...


Sorry, haven't read a whole lot of your material yet, but wanted to send you this note.

I wanted to express my opinion as to how interesting it would be to read the story of you and your wife's life. Perhaps I'll find it already produced in some media after an internet search - or through your site.

thanks for the work you do,

[Inspiration for finding your site = re-watched "Billy Jack." Please accept my belated admiration of such a magnificent film.]

At 7:28 PM, Blogger corn tassel flower said...


i saw billy jack two days ago for the first time and i just watched it again. so many scenes from that film brought tears to my eyes because, as a person who believes in love and peace and tolerance, i have begun to feel very isolated in the world. i am appalled by the belief in the misinformation put out by the media that people hold and frightened by their ability to be distracted by vapid, superficial american popular culture. i am very concerned about the level of organization i see on the part of the conservative oligarchy. i am proud of the principles upon which america was based and worried by the fact that those principles are not being honored by whoever the controlling parties in america are. i am worried about the moral and spiritual bankruptcy of our country and deeply troubled by the environmental destruction we are perpetrating, not only at home, but worldwide. worst of all, i don't know what i can do to help the whole situation, outside of simply trying to live my life in a peaceful and nonviolent way (this means being a vegetarian, supporting socially-responsible companies, riding a bike, etc). what can i do to save the america i love and believe in? i am planning on going to law school. any other suggestions?

At 7:37 AM, Blogger Olaf Vanderhoot said...

don't ever give up.


At 6:04 PM, Blogger Lewis said...

**Posted from other blog.. still just as true**

I have been a Billy Jack fan since "the Born Losers" and remain a fan of the movies to this day.

You cannot imagine how much it disgusts me to see the actor who protrayed a hero who was willing to do the right thing because it is the right thing no matter the cost, rendered a mouth piece for the lunatic left. You should have more respect for Billy Jack than to turn him into this.

I do defend your right to freedom of speech at all costs. At the same time I use my same freedom of speech to express that I think you are an idiot based upon your rabid unprovable and rediculous stance on a) the war b)Bush c) no-one else just bush and friends bash.
You claim to hate both political parties while parroting standard issue democratic dogma either proved to be incorrect, outright lies or so absurd that no logical reasoning human could believe it.

Here are just a couple of corrections for you. I don't expect you to accept them, they are only facts.
1- the war in Iraq is NOT about oil. Oil is traded on a world commodity market just like orange juice and the price fluccuates accordingly. You don't have to invade a country for oil.. just buy some. Most of the oil used in the Eastern US comes from Venezuela, not the middle east.
2- We are in Iraq because they were training grounds for terrorists, have proven links to Al-queda and was a proven danger to everyone in the world. Especially the USA.
3- The "outrageous profits" of the oil industry (9%) are less than that of Campbell's Soup at 9.8% or many other companies. And this is after years of multi-billion dollar investments and losses. Where was your righteous indignation when the oil companies were losing money hand over fist?
4- All vote counts of the 2000 election and all independant studies since, report Bush was ahead and would have won.
5- No one was "disenfranchised." They either messed up their vote card thus invalidating it themselves, or didn't go to the correct voting precinct (and were allowed to vote anyway if there wasn't time for them to go to the correct precinct.)
5- The people in the world who hate us hate everyone who isn't them. Why should any US Citizen care about what the rest of the world thinks about us when we are in danger from lunatics willing to blow themselves up to kill us and our children?
6- Russia and France the two most vocal opponents for our rightful and lawful invasion of Iraq, have since been proven to have illegal, clandestine contracts bought and paid for with the money for food bribes.
7- The UN has become a corrupt body of self serving 3rd worlders who believe their right to rule the world and hate for America is directly porportional to their inability to feed their populace.
Here endeth the lesson in facts.

I still enjoy the Billy Jack movies. Apparantly I understand the character better than the folks who created him. A bit disappointing that.

At 5:37 PM, Blogger Olaf Vanderhoot said...

i understand, and disagree with your post, lewis.

i have nothing else to say (or argue) - other than making known that i disagree with you.

At 1:24 PM, Blogger zeebra said...

As to Lewis' "facts", show us a bibliography, dude. Otherwise your "facts" are still just opinion. At least Tom, whether you agree with him or not, offers to show his work, ie: he tells you where to find the original info upon which he bases his opinion.

At 1:33 PM, Blogger zeebra said...

By the way, to Tom, Delores (you sound wonderful with Frank on the 35th Anniversary DVD's) if you're interested in seeing what the great actor Victor Izay (Doc) has been doing recently; he helped me a great deal by playing the starring role of William Mulholland in my self-produced film "A TEST OF INTEGRITY." Vic and I have been friends since 1978, and he's worked on a number of my projects. Currently he lives in Albuquerque, NM, and has recently acted and done voice-overs in local PBS shows on the history of that area.
You can see lots of images of him as Mulholland on my Gravity Arch Media website, at...
just look under the title, "A TEST OF INTEGRITY."
Thanks, Tom and Delores, for all your work, and for allowing me to post this shameless plug for my site and movie.
Live Long and Prosper
Pony R. Horton

At 9:55 AM, Blogger edderickson0550149394 said...

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At 12:21 PM, Blogger Daniel Taverne said...


I see it's been a while since you posted here, so I can only hope that you read this.

I want to say that I really appreciate your work. When I was a kid in the early 70's, I was in aw with your fight scenes. Now, I'm in aw of how much more inflective your films are. I realize this may not be the "official" format for contacting you, but somehow I don't think you'll mind.

I'm a legally blind veteran, 39 years old, a martial artist (Korean Hapkido (Jun-tu-do), and I can really work a staff, even blindfolded with a lot of release techniques that you might find interesting.

If you ever get to making another movie and need a good guy or bad guy who can work a staff while being blind, give me a call. I'm sure that you can find me, if you want... I'd rather not leave my contact info here.

I'm slightly out of shape now since I've become afflicted with a condition but I'm working on getting back to par.

My brother and I both enjoyed your movies, each time I watch them, they take me back to my child hood.

Too bad that we as a society have thumbed our nose at nature.. she's retaliating though, and collectively I think we're going to pay.

Bless you and yours

may you live knowing peace and love.

At 10:07 AM, Blogger hurf burf said...

oh shut up.

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At 5:31 AM, Blogger Hugh said...

He once had a great concept, now he is dying for relivence. One good movie (Great actaully) and he thinks he is an expert on world politics. Give it up. Just retire and go on telling your war stories. You are simply not relevant anymore.

At 6:57 AM, Blogger LongLiveNativeAmericans said...

Who are you talking about?

At 7:56 PM, Blogger M Hamburg said...

to Lewis the blogger.

Are you retarded (in the "wish i had a brain" sense, not the handicapped sense)?

To correct your points, and i will take them one at a time.

1. Though oil is traded as a commodity you can influence/control the price by OWNING and CONTROLLING the supply. If Iraq invaded Florida and controlled our orange supply, they could control the prices. More to the point, OPEC sets prices...not the users (demand) that usually keeps prices in check in normal markets (supply). This is why oil prices dropped when Kuwait dropped prices to $7 a barrel...till Bush and OPEC put an end to that.
The fact remains that the big oil companies made 24 cents a gallon profit for they make nearly 80 cents a gallon profit, and enjoy the largest tax breaks in history thanks to Bush and Co.

Last year Exxon made more money in profit than ANY company in the world in all of history...wake up and take an economics class before you claim to know all.

2.Quit watching ONLY Bill Oreilly, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh and believing that their OPINIONS are FACTS...there were, in fact, ZERO terrorist training camps in Iraq PRIOR to our invasion and the huge vaccuum of power it created. We PUT Saddam Hussein in power for that very reason...that a totalitarian dictator that would not tolerate ANY form of rebellion would kill and imprison any and all violators to his political agenda. There was NO connection between Al Queda, the Taliban and Saddam Hussein...just the lies and mis-information from the likes of Oreilly, Hannity and Limbaugh. Quit being a puppet of the Bush regiem and think for yourself with HONEST FACTS.

3.refer to #1...and by the way, I don't HAVE to eat Cambell's soup if I don't like the price....but we ALL need petroleum products and don't have a choice but to pay the price...

4. LIAR....Gore had more than 500,000 votes than Bush in the popular vote...and it was proven that the voting machines by Dibold (used all throughout Florida) could be pre-set with votes for Bush as long as it had the same number of votes in the negative for Gore. That is why their was one county that showed Gore received -20,000 votes...and it is the ONLY expenation for NEGATIVE vote count. Take into considration that ONLY the counties with high Democratic demographies were effected by the "chad" bulls#*t....again you are a puppet that agrees with your daddy Bush no matter what he does.

5. see #4....and when YOUR vote gets thrown out because your chad hung on by a billionth of an inch but is OBVIOUSLY the ONLY hole in the card, thus causing your man to lose I don't want to hear one word out of your whining mouth.

6. I don't care what Russia and France do...we are supposed to be the righteous ones who stand up for the downtrodden of the world...what happened to that?

7. Don't blame the UN for being right all along and there being no WMD's or nuclear devices in Iraq...blame Bush for lying to the world that there were...and slap Sean Hannity for STILL insisting they exist. This is the ONLY place that the world can stand up and have a voice against the worlds super powers. By the way, Thirld World does NOT mean poor...the term comes from the follwing.
If you sided yourself with the US, you are considered a 1st world country.
If you sided with the USSR, you were considered a 2nd world country.
If you didn't side with either you were considered a 3rd world country. It has nothing to do with size or affluence....Switzerland is a 3rd world country. When you go to take that economics class, enroll for a history class to go along with it...and maybe a philosophy class wouldn't hurt you either, it teaches you to think for yourself.


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