Monday, April 25, 2005

A Personal Statement and Dedication, on behalf of myself and my wife, Delores Taylor (Laughlin)

This blog is dedicated to restoring what it means to be a true American to the national discourse, and to expose the rising tide of intolerance and McCarthy-type Neo-Fascist suppression of dissent that has metastasized into our government and into vast areas of our culture.

“America has lost its moral purpose … America was the only nation formed for a moral purpose, the rights of every man, everywhere, especially the right to freely criticize and dissent.”

Because on this blog we will discuss at length subjects that upon first hearing are such turn-off hot-button issues that they offend some people, remove us from the bar of reason, and cause us to be dismissed as over the top extremists from the lunatic fringe, it is imperative we make it clear where we stand politically.

Where do Delores and I stand politically?

“The greatest danger facing America is that it will split into two parties (factions) and men will put their loyalty to their party ahead of their loyalty to the people and the country as a whole.” -- George Washington
We don’t disdain both the Democrat and Republican Parties, we loathe them. We are not non-partisan, we are fiercely anti-partisan. We believe the two Parties have destroyed America, just as George Washington predicted they would.

As Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and other Founding Fathers feared, nothing has destroyed the American Ideal of all sovereignty being with the people, all political power in the hands of the people, than the current, thoroughly corrupt two Party system, as the last several shameful elections, the last five years of legislation, and above all, the heinous 2005 legislation, punishing the middle class and stripping Americans of their Constitutional rights have proved.

We believe that both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party have become so systemically corrupt, that, as Senator Warren Rudman said when he resigned from the Senate, “This place has become so corrupt it cannot function anymore.” We believe that is true of the entire Congress, the White House, the Pentagon, and the entire political system inside the Beltway. It is no longer capable of representing the people. It is no longer capable of being the voice of the people, but only the voice and will of the special interests, the wealthy, and the corporations, especially the multi-national corporations.

This blog will be the people’s voice, passionately and fearlessly.

We despise the incredibly stupid demonizing of members of one Party by members of the other Party as neo-Satanic. We also despise the childish, even idiotic dividing of people into Conservatives or Liberals, Right or Left, Red or Blue, using those as labels to smear anything the other might say. Any intelligent, balanced person who is in touch with reality is both Liberal and Conservative – liberal in some areas of their life, and conservative in others, left in some areas, right in others – as are we.

What America desperately needs is a new, mainstream – not fringe – 3rd Party to break the stranglehold big business and the multinational corporations have over both the corrupt cowardly Democrats, or the equally corrupt rapacious Republicans.
What is the definition of a True American?

“I detest what you say, but I defend to the death your right to say it.”
– Patrick Henry *

Above all else, America is freedom of speech (especially to dissent, to challenge), of belief, of religion, and the right to assemble (especially to protest) without being punished.

Even more important than just having freedom of speech, for other nations have that, the only definition of the true American is the one who will defend to the death his neighbor’s right to his free speech even though he detests what his neighbor says, to defend his enemy’s right to speak no matter how repulsive.

The ultimate test of who is the only real American, the only true patriot, is the one who, though he detests what his neighbor says, will defend to the death his right to say it.

If you do not defend to the death your neighbor’s right to speak, no matter how much you detest it, you are not an American in any sense of the word.

To defend the right to speak freely only to those who agree with you, and who support your leader, is to betray everything America stands for, and to be no different from the Husseins, the Jong IIs, the Castros, China, etc.

To suppress someone’s right to speak freely, to try to silence them by intimidation, boycott, economic coercion, or any other way, instead of defending their right to say it no matter how much you detest it, is to betray everything America is, was, and stands for. It is the highest form of betrayal of America.

The Frightening turning of America into a Dictatorship
of the Majority

The greatest danger facing Americans today is the creation of a climate where people are afraid to dissent, even celebrities

Partisan extremists, radio and TV hosts, and pundits such as Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Joe Scarborough, Ann Coulter, etc., who are trying to squelch dissent and oppress free speech criticizing President Bush and the war, calling for boycotts of Celebrities who have a different point of view, calling anti-war protestors “traitors who hate America,” are the greatest danger today … turning America into a dictatorship of the majority.

Who’s really guilty of betraying everything America stands for …
the anti-war/anti-Bush activists, or those who would suppress them?
America is dissent.

America is freedom.

Above all, America is the freedom to dissent.

America is the right to challenge our leaders and those in authority, especially our political leaders from the local level to the President.

America was settled by people who challenged their authoritarian rulers and refused to live under that oppressive way of life, including having their right to think, believe, and speak freely oppressed.

This country was founded on the right to challenge, by men who challenged the authoritarian might of the all powerful British empire and its King, and challenged it so vehemently they revolted and threw out the King’s authority and British rule, even entering into a seemingly hopeless war against the invincible British Army and Navy to do it.

America is the only nation that was conceived for a moral purpose – the Rights of Man – every man, everywhere - and first and foremost among these rights was the right to think, believe and say what you please, the freedom to speak your mind out, to dissent, criticize, even ridicule and rebel against whatever government is in power without fear of reprisals or being physically or economically harmed in any way.

Everything America was, is, and should forever be, is summed up in two of Patrick Henry’s speeches covering the same subject at a crucial time in American history when those in power were trying to suppress those with extremely harsh, critical, even rebellious ideas towards the British government which they supported, just as they are doing now, even going so far as to shout down Henry with cries of “Treason! Treason!” Instead of being intimidated and backing down from his enemies who were calling him a traitor, the most heinous accusation possible, Henry stood tall and replied:

“If this be treason, make the most of it!”

On another occasion, Henry expressed the fundamental principle that is the foundation of everything America is, and everything an American should be with the saying:

“I detest what you say, but I defend to the death your right to say it.”

Thomas Jefferson was equally adamant against those whose tyrannical bent was to oppress the freedom of dissenters to criticize, even attack, the government:

“I have sworn upon the alter of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”

As a young man I stood in the Jefferson Memorial late at night and read those words around the top of the rotunda. The words hit me like a thunderbolt. Like Saul of Tarsus, I understood in a flash what was the American religion, not the theological, but the spiritual religion that created America in the first place. Then and there I devoted my life to that principle which drives me to this day, and causes me to create this blog.

That attempt to exercise tyranny over the mind of man extends into every corner of our lives, and it includes the tyranny of the pro-war/pro-Bush fanatics for indulging in an all out campaign to smear, vilify, and label as traitors anyone who disagrees with Bush’s policy on Iraq, with a special emphasis on intimidating celebrities into silence, which they have done successfully. The extremists have created a dictatorship by the majority.

The nuclear core of what makes America, America, the greatest, most unique country in the history of the world, is that in America there can Never – NEVER – under any circumstance -- be a dictatorship of the majority.

Jefferson, Washington, Madison, Hamilton, Thomas Paine, George Mason, and all the rest of the Founding Fathers were so terrified of America becoming a dictatorship of the majority that everything they put in the Constitution was to prevent that from ever happening, and to absolutely guarantee that could never happen, they topped it off with the First Amendment being the guarantee of Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Belief, Freedom of Religion, and Freedom to Assemble and Protest, even to protest to the point of calling for open rebellion against the Crown, which at one point the majority of Americans denounced as treason, but that didn’t deter our Founding Father heroes from continuing to vigorously protest as we saw in Patrick Henry’s reply, “If this be treason, make the most of it.”

The moment coercion of any kind, whether it be government power, economic reprisals that take away one’s right to make a living, or the fear of public opinion, especially organized public opinion, makes Americans afraid to go against the grain, to have their own mind, to publicly have their own voice, or to say publicly what they think without fear – even to “rebel against the Crown” -- we have turned into a dictatorship of the majority, and we are no longer America.
The greatest danger facing Americans today is the frightening attempt to suppress Freedom of Speech, and the right to dissent, and the even more frightening attempt to suppress celebrities or any other opposition voices right to Freedom of Speech and dissent by smear, boycott, and economic intimidation – to twist the word “dissent” to mean “disloyal.”

The true American feels an enormous responsibility – a sacred obligation – to defend everyone’s right to speak no matter how much he detests it. If you do not feel the responsibility – the obligation – to defend your neighbor’s right to speak, no matter how much you detest it, you are not an American in any sense of the word.

Next: When does an Autocratic Totalitarian regime become Neo-Fascist, or even Fascist?

Because few Americans know what fascism really is, next we will define it and let you decide if it’s over the top to say the Neo-fascist mentality has permeated our government and our culture.
For more in-depth discussion go to


At 6:08 PM, Blogger Solon said...

Uhh -- That "I will defend to the death your right to say it" quote is NOT Patrick Henry. It is most often (mis)attributed to Voltaire, but it wasn't his either. Like the "Let 'em eat cake" canard on Marie Antoinette, it was something said ABOUT Voltaire, not something he personally voiced. Sorry to pick at something still in its infancy, but we may as well get it right from the beginning.

At 1:50 PM, Blogger Art Dimond said...

With 9/11 began the ushuring in of laws to offset out liberties. Problem, Reaction Solution. The US Patriot Act

At 12:14 PM, Blogger Noborders said...

I'm so happy I am no longer alone!

At 12:09 AM, Blogger lfp711 said...

Yea I agree with you Tom , our military shouldnt be over there, and this whole thing is all about oil, and gas prices going way up .
Many Americans not happy about the situation in Iraq and the terrorist threats. Need voice our opinions.

At 9:57 PM, Blogger con4uzed said...

tom, if that is your real name? Can we talk? About jack, not just any jack but billy don't be a hero. Cause if you don't pull your head out of DELORES ass you will not make your next flop I mean movie. I was on shromes when I saw your last movie and it lookes like you were high as well.

At 9:57 PM, Blogger con4uzed said...

tom, if that is your real name? Can we talk? About jack, not just any jack but billy don't be a hero. Cause if you don't pull your head out of DELORES ass you will not make your next flop I mean movie. I was on shromes when I saw your last movie and it lookes like you were high as well.

At 2:01 PM, Blogger AUDREY C SMITH said...

I personally admire all that you have to say regarding this country and the people that run it, or so they make you believe that. May you and your wife keep up with your good works and your good beliefs.

I have something different that I wish to speak on and that is in regards to a possibility of eliminating cancer in the blood. It is a blood detoxifier and I read somewhere where you, Tom, have an incurable cancer disease. I don't know if this is true, but I wouldn't want this on anyone so I would like you to check into the outstanding affects of brown seaweed. Keep up on all of your faith and wisdom and for those believing in such, Nam, Myoho, Renge, Kyo (one of the Buddahood chants for inner happiness and peace to mankind). Bye for now, AUDREYS10@COMCAST.NET

At 1:36 PM, Blogger Debbe said...

I have an 18 year old son who has lets say had a few scrap with the law and I suggest the military to him, I think the military is a great opportunity for the right cause. But when I found out the only branch that wanted him was the Army I said NO way. Now my father served his country in both the Korean and Vet war and I respected what he did. War is about profit bottom line. Not for the soldiers serving but to those who make the war I have always believed if the men who run our countries had to go on the battle field, well you know that will never happen.
Back in the days of war prior to 1600's men did not take War lightly it was fought for reason freedom, and the people who fought were the ones who wanted that freedom. We are over their fighting for freedom for others not ourselves. I understand other countries want what we have but it is their battle to fight not ours and I do not want my son to die for another country's freedom.
Those boys and men are not fighting for this countries freedom and granted we were attacked and yes THAT needed to be addressed and in the begining I thought we had to send a clear message out there DON'T mess with the USA but now it has turned it to something else.

At 8:44 PM, Blogger Eclecticpath said...

Tom and Delores, both of you have haunted me since the age of 12 or somewhere during the time of "Billy Jack" and "The Trial of Billy Jack". I recently purchased the dvd's of each of them and just ordered the cd of "The Music of Billy Jack" from your website. I just watched "Trial" tonight as the last time I had watched it was when it first came out. I had no idea that the website was out there, because so much from the 70's is long gone and forgotten by most. To read your blog is incredible and yes, this country and every country needs a voice as yours. I am glad to see that your movies portrayed real peoples emotions and your voices are well remembered with me.
It is horrible what Bush has done to this country. So many things have crashed for the every-day people and he is clueless. Or perhaps, he truly is heartless instead. I could write for days on how I despise him and his beaty-little-eyes-wanting-to-be-bigger-than-Texas. I do not listen to any of his speeches as I don't believe he honestly can answer a question directly or without some major egotistical snide remark. I did not vote for his father, I did not vote for him either time. He and Cheney need to be impeached. I want this country back where children can be innocent again. I want our freedoms, our choices, our own way of life to be as diversified as it was becoming. This government system is setting all of the marches, all of the fighting for changes back to the dark ages. We, as Americans, are losing respect from many countries and we are losing respect for ourselves because we are losing our voices. I do not want to live in this world that is only for the rich and militant. I want America back!
Thank you, Tom and Delores, for everything that you are and everything that you are doing to keep America free.
Brightest Blessings to the both of you!

At 1:00 PM, Blogger tle said...

Tom and Delores,
I just wanted to thank you for the entertainment from your movies and the lessons on how to think for ourselves. I am so happy to find that there are others who believe BOTH of the major political parties are corrupted beyond repair. It is time for our great country to wake up. I tremble at the thought of having to describe to my grandchildren how wonderful a country this USED to be; I want them to know it for themselves from experience. I have a son in the Air Force stationed in Iraq at this moment. I am very proud of his decision to defend his country. I wish he was allowed to do it for an honest purpose.

At 6:44 PM, Blogger barbara & tom said...

i also admire what you and your wife have done with your movies thank you and god bless you both

At 9:45 PM, Blogger fairyboop said...

What I want to know is why do all these past few presidents fight for other countries but cant help the homeless women and children and families in the USA? How many people have to be poverty stricken, and sick with curable diseases in our own country due to lack of medical funding and to many hoops for some people to even get food in their own country. What about our drug and sex addicted teens and our grandmas dieing in home because we cant afford to help our own counrty why our we helping and destroying other peoples nations and lives what about us what about our needs. we need it more then them.

At 9:55 PM, Blogger fairyboop said...

I apreciate all you guys are doing at least their are some real people in this nasty little world that are not affraid to speak up and let people know they are not alone. In my opinion TRUTH JUSTICE AND THE AMERICAN WAY has long since been tainted to read THE LIES MY MOTHER FORGOT TO TELL ME AND JUSTICE FOR ALL WHO ARE NOT AMERICANS AND THE BUSH WHACKER WAY(standing for what ever bush can whack away from americans and get away with it too)Thats all for now have a good evening

At 2:51 AM, Blogger cheyenne said...

hey tom and delores its cheyenne-your old sacramento fan.i wish you were president because you really care about this world and i feel you can straighten it up. god bless-cheyenne

At 11:25 PM, Blogger catsanddogs said...

Hi Tom and Delores,I am a great Canadian Fan of many years and believe and agree with a fan of yours Cheyenne that if you were President the world would be a better place.Peace and God bless

At 9:43 PM, Blogger reuben horsman said...

DEAR TOM AND DOLORIES,Where do i begin,i have talked to people about
your movies forever even had a hat
and a truimph, just the same.i had no ideal you had all this until i seen you on T.V.and had to hit the computer.I believe and have been saying the same thing for is
not the voice of one,but the voice
of many to change things,and things
will not change unless the many sta
nd with the one.thank you for your time

At 8:56 AM, Blogger Chuck58 said...

I can't argue with what you said in your blog, since I firmly believe it to be, unfortunately, all too true. My personal belief is that, if the current situation in Washington continues, America will be a memory within the next century.

We are no longer a nation 'of the people.' We have become, in the last few decades, a nation of greed and self centeredness. Nowhere is that more evident than in Washington DC. And, sadly, only a few of us seem to realize it.

Washington needs a complete makeover. All of them need to be thrown out and replaced with human beings -- average working class Americans. Politics ought not to be a career. Lawyers should not be allowed to run or sit in any office, including judgeships.

The people need to and MUST take back the government while we still have a few Rights left.

At 5:37 PM, Blogger sheridan said...

I aggree with NO war! Stop the killing & the Dying! What is it all for and is it really all worth it?? 'Bravo!' to the Laughlin's to speak out!

At 9:36 AM, Blogger alittledefiant said...

Tom, you and Delores changed me when I was 12. I was living in Denver and watched the trial of Billy Jack 16 times that summer. It molded my perception of goverment and Indians which is part of my heritage. I was so proud to know that there were people out there that felt the way you did. I truely respect your work. As a God fearing/loving, American mother of a soldier, and a small corporation owner, I am horrified to watch this country go straight to hell. I was naive enough to vote for Bush, untill my son went to war and I learned. He also was so patriotic until he got to Iraq and discovered what were really doing there. Somehow we have GOT to band together and take back America before its too late. I wish you good health of mind and body thru our Lord Jesus so that you can continue banding us together. Tom Laughlin For President!!!

At 11:22 AM, Blogger DubbleD said...

All I can say is that the united states is the best place on earth to live and raise children and we as people of this country have alot to give thanks for.

All the fighting men/women who gave their lives so that we can all be free is the most that anyone can give and if someone can't stand behind them one hundred percent then they should move, What makes anyone think that the men and women that serv this country are just plain there or anywhere just to kill is not true and even if you don't like what the people that are running this country are doing, We as the Fathers,Mothers,Brothers and Sisters to the same people that fight are wars we must stand and suport them in there time.

My thought would be to put those that chose war family's in the War first, and in front. Maybe it would make them think first about the value of one's life.


Dale Dyer

My neibers son was killed this Nov
he was 21

At 3:43 PM, Blogger Lewis said...

I have been a Billy Jack fan since "the Born Losers" and remain a fan of the movies to this day.

You cannot imagine how much it disgusts me to see the actor who protrayed a hero who was willing to do the right thing because it is the right thing no matter the cost, rendered a mouth piece for the lunatic left. You should have more respect for Billy Jack than to turn him into this.

I do defend your right to freedom of speech at all costs. At the same time I use my same freedom of speech to express that I think you are an idiot based upon your rabid unprovable and rediculous stance on a) the war b)Bush c) no-one else just bush and friends bash.
You claim to hate both political parties while parroting standard issue democratic dogma either proved to be incorrect, outright lies or so absurd that no logical reasoning human could believe it.

Here are just a couple of corrections for you. I don't expect you to accept them, they are only facts.
1- the war in Iraq is NOT about oil. Oil is traded on a world commodity market just like orange juice and the price fluccuates accordingly. You don't have to invade a country for oil.. just buy some. Most of the oil used in the Eastern US comes from Venezuela, not the middle east.
2- We are in Iraq because they were training grounds for terrorists, have proven links to Al-queda and was a proven danger to everyone in the world. Especially the USA.
3- The "outrageous profits" of the oil industry (9%) are less than that of Campbell's Soup at 9.8% or many other companies. And this is after years of multi-billion dollar investments and losses. Where was your righteous indignation when the oil companies were losing money hand over fist?
4- All vote counts of the 2000 election and all independant studies since, report Bush was ahead and would have won.
5- No one was "disenfranchised." They either messed up their vote card thus invalidating it themselves, or didn't go to the correct voting precinct (and were allowed to vote anyway if there wasn't time for them to go to the correct precinct.)
5- The people in the world who hate us hate everyone who isn't them. Why should any US Citizen care about what the rest of the world thinks about us when we are in danger from lunatics willing to blow themselves up to kill us and our children?
6- Russia and France the two most vocal opponents for our rightful and lawful invasion of Iraq, have since been proven to have illegal, clandestine contracts bought and paid for with the money for food bribes.
7- The UN has become a corrupt body of self serving 3rd worlders who believe their right to rule the world and hate for America is directly porportional to their inability to feed their populace.
Here endeth the lesson in facts.

I still enjoy the Billy Jack movies. Apparantly I understand the character better than the folks who created him. A bit disappointing that.

At 12:45 PM, Blogger Marx said...

I think I agree with everything everyone else said.

At 10:01 AM, Blogger Entourageofone said...

Have you considered that instead of uniting US citizens for upcoming elections for change; you will further splinter us and render us useless against this madness. The two party system makes a third party almost completely impotent and weakens the Democratic party. Can you provide a real answer here. We are so splintered we cannot get a leg up. I really want things to change show me how.

At 10:20 AM, Blogger Entourageofone said...

Have you considered that instead of uniting US citizens for upcoming elections for change; you will further splinter us and render us useless against this madness? The two party system makes a third party impotent and weakens the Democratic party. Can you provide a real answer here a system to beat the current system. We are so splintered we cannot get a leg up. All the news spins the entire country and globe busy with chaos and no real leaders that reflect our Constitution and what about manipulated voting process even if we should get a powerful candidate with the clout to back it up?

At 11:35 PM, Blogger Grizz said...

Well, Billy Bobo, first off, I too liked the Billy Jack movies.

i was just searching my mind for someone of moral conviction to succeed George Bush since Arnold Schwarzenegger can not be president and your face popped up.

I was somewhat disheartened to read your condemnation of this war as if 9/11 never happened. We have been attacked and we must respond.

I am however encouraged by your comments on tyranny, despotism, and liberty.

You are of course entitled to your opinions and this blog is proof enough that no one in the Bush administration has tried to silence you.

I am confused by your feelings toward George W. Bush who seems to me to be a decent and honorable man. Of course the United States must protect the resources of the world from falling under control of dictators and certainly Saddam Hussein and his tortuous sons deserve more contempt. Did the UN not pass resolution after resolution warning Iraq that their actions would no longer be tolerated?

But that's not what I came here to talk about.

I want to talk about states rights.

It seems to me, if one were to talk about the issues of marijuana, mariage, and murder of unborn children in terms of limiting federal government, one could redivide the country or possible even reunite us.

I am most certain that if you could give up your run in fear and let the despots have anything they want peacenik attitude and say America will not bow before thugs and run on a platform of restoring states rights and getting the federal government out of education, medicine, and commerce you could lead all but the most socialistic among us to a victory in 2008.

So do it.

At 4:45 PM, Blogger guitarabilly said...

To all the bozo’s who believe that this illegal war against the sovereign nation of Iraq is justified because of 9/11:

Idiots! Iraq never attacked us on 9/11 you mindless-wonders! Prove to me Iraq attacked us? You can’t because they didn’t! I believe in the principle of just war for self defense purposes but no one can prove that attacking Iraq was a “just” response to 9/11. I challenge anyone to refute what I have said. It cannot be done so let me save you the time!

Furthermore, since 14 out of the 19 highjackers were Saudis...if you use the asinine thinking of George Bush-it, shouldn’t we have attacked Saudi Arabia instead of Iraq? Yes - of course we should have - “if” you wanted to be logically consistent within the context of Bush-it thinking that is! But did we attack them? No! Why? Because Tom Laughlin is correct as to his afore mentioned comments regarding the relationship of Saudi royalty to Georgey-porgy politics!

It is flawed logic that you attack a whole nation for what a few people of that nation “might” have done. Should China obliterate us with nuclear weapons because of what George Bush-it and his cronies have done? Even if all the terrorists on 9/11 were Iraqis, it doesn’t follow logically that you make the whole country of Iraq pay for what a few have done. Again, should China do to us what America has done to Iraq? You see this is the problem with hypocrites - they can believe “what” they live but they cannot “live” what they believe! Hypocrites hate it when their own standards are applied to them!

One more point - “terrorism” is evil. Evil “itself” is not a physical reality but a metaphysical (spiritual) reality, just as “feelings” are a metaphysical reality. When you have a “physical” problem..such as an empty stomach, only “physical” food will suffice. If you have a “metaphysical” problem...such as an empty heart or mind, only metaphysical food will suffice. You cannot blow up or shoot terrorism. So, this claim of a “War On Terrorism” is itself impossible from the outset to defeat with “physical” means. Of course, we have to have a military to deal with attacks against America within the context of self defense. Mercy balances out justice and justice balances out mercy. Bullets will stop morally bad behavior when reason fails but that should be the last response in a defensive scenario...not the first! As an ex-atheist, I highly recommend ditching all the pseudo-religions out there and embracing the only “truth” there is - Jesus Christ. Sampling all the “fruits” and “nuts” and the “isms” and “religions” out there will only jade your mind; much like ramming your car into every tree on the way home from work before you find your garage! Your mind will be a wreck and incapable of apprehending let alone comprehending the truth when it presents itself. I can elaborate further on this later but I will say that until Buddha gets his fat ass up out of the grave, Jesus’ credentials blow his away. To say that “all” religious views are acceptable and “equal” is to be ignorant of the mutually exclusive and contradictory positions of each of those religions. That’s why the credentials of Jesus and the Bible accurately deals a death blow to all contenders against and pretenders of, the truth!

So - in conclusion - if you are a George Bush-it supporter - you should be ashamed that you are no longer can be considered “people” but “sheeple” who cannot think for themselves. Go get a logic book and study it well. For logic is “reason” looking at itself to see how “reasonable” it is. Bush-it is no Christian so don’t fall for the religious rhetoric that drips from his soulless tongue!

Tom...if you ever need someone to play BillyJack in another film...I am your man! We can talk later and I believe you will see why I am not a bad choice if you are interested. Take care of each other everyone.

At 5:58 AM, Blogger Debra said...

Well Tom & Barbara,who would have guessed that the two of you would have your own website???(Hooray).I grew up in the 60's & 70's and seen your movies and I must say I went thru alot of emotions while viewing them-alot of the same emotions I've displayed since Bush(took)office>>who in the heck was out here voting for that selfish,egotistical,lying creature!!!???(not I).And as if enough wrong hasn't been done by Bush>>We're now being wire tapped(as a nation?).Well I'm curious what my phone conversations would come under>>>>"Early signs of menepause"?,"breast Exams"?,"Grandkids diaper rash"?,"Or my daughter borrowing a roll of toilet paper"? Makes you wanna say hum....I agree Bush needs to be impeached!!!Nothing he dreams up to say captures my attention in a positive way>>Other than to continue to strive to not be like him.How in the hell is Bush going to justify this in the end????!!!!!

At 8:37 PM, Blogger Grizz said...

Silly, silly child. There is no illegal war. Laws cannot exist without conquest. There is no peace without power. We are not fluffy little flowers. We are competetive carniverous beasts and to think otherwise is to show your small sheltered spoiled little life. Wake up. Grow up. Join the world. See what is real and make a difference.

At 1:56 AM, Blogger kim ann said...

:) can you believe all this >?eye wonders !

~~~ FREEDOM ~~~


clean it up ~!





At 10:09 AM, Blogger hurf burf said...

damn you sure are full of yourself for an ignorant tool.

At 2:51 PM, Blogger born loser said...

i agree with you to tom . but i dont agree with some of the critisim you have been getting from some of these people . but i guess we all have our own opinions on politic. by the way i really enjoyed your movies and i now possessed billy jack goes to washington now to my collection.ive been reading some of the post in here these people need to tone down the language on some parts.tom and delores i want to thank you both for keeping the billy jack character alive an

At 7:45 AM, Blogger pumpkinman said...

At 11:32 AM, Blogger Mark R Brockman Fine Art said...

Tom and Delores: Such anger some of the people who disagree with you have. They need to find their center. My wife and I just watched the "Trial Of Billy Jack" after many years. I like the movies when they first came out and I like them still, but see them in a different way. In watching "Trial" we decided if you just changed a few names, like Bush for Nixon, Iraq for Vietnam, the movie is as on tatget now as it was back then. Amazing that so little has changed. But we must carry on. Thanks and keep up the work and ignor (as I am sure you do) the hateful critisisms.
See my web site at:

At 7:37 PM, Blogger ndma said...

I have been tied up on relocation issues recently and have not had much time to stop in.

I worked with my wife on a paper for her College Thesis. With her premission I am posting an abstract. Perhaps this may help to stifle the nonsensical arguments that the invasion of Iraq was in any way legal or just:

Just War Theory

War is as ancient as civilization itself. But is there ever a
justification for war? Just-war theory addresses the concept of just
war and why wars are fought as well as the rationalization for war.
This can be theoretical or historical. The “just war tradition”
considers the rules and agreements that have been applied in several
wars throughout history (Just War Theory, 2006). An example would be
global agreements such as the Geneva and Hague Conventions or the UN
Charter. There are two moral positions that offer a “series of
principles that aim to retain a plausible moral framework for war;” Jus ad bellum, the rules that govern the justice of war, and Jus In Bello, the rules that govern just and fair conduct in war (Ferraro, 2005).They are not mutually exclusive.

Initially, I believed the United States would be justified in the war
against Afghanistan because the media reported that Osama bin Laden had
masterminded the attack on United States. Like many Americans, my
television set was on the news and I watched the events unfold. And
like many Americans, I was driven by emotion rather than logic. Within
a day, the media reported that Osama bin Laden was responsible and I
believed that we should retaliate although I was a little concerned
that the government discovered the responsible party so quickly. When
President Bush decided to invade Iraq, one of the initial
justifications was that they were in some way tied to Al Qaida. As more
evidence came to light, it became apparent that the President just
wanted to go to war with Iraq and various other Middle Eastern Nations
and needed to create a justification.

Jus ad bellum, Jus In Bello

The first criterion to consider in a just war is a just cause.
Self-defense, retaliation against a wrong already committed, or to
preempt an imminent attack are considered just causes. Another
condition of just war is that it must be waged by a legitimate
authority, normally in the sovereign power of the State, and for the
right intention. The nation waging war “should be doing so for the
cause of justice and not for reasons of self-interest or
aggrandizement” (Just War Theory, 2006). The next factor of a just war
is that it must have a realistic possibility of success since,
obviously, the ultimate purpose is to restore peace. The next principle
is that the retaliation must be proportional to the injury that was
inflicted. It is not considered just to attack indiscriminately –
civilians are not acceptable targets. Unfortunately, the death of
non-combatants is sometimes unavoidable. A military installation is a
legitimate target although it might be located in the middle of the
city. This might have the unfortunate consequence of collateral damage.
Sometimes it might be difficult to determine exactly who the combatants
are. Normally, combatants openly carry arms, but sometimes they dress
as civilians. Finally, war should only be fought as a last resort, when
all other options for peace have been exhausted.

Legal Groundwork

According to the United States Constitution, The President of the
United States has the power to make treaties with consent of the
Senate. Additionally, the Constitution states in
Article 6, paragraph two that “This Constitution, and the laws of the
United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all
Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the
United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land.” On June 26, 1945,
the United States took part in the signing of the Charter of the United
Nations and it was ratified on October 24, 1945. At that point, the
Charter became part of the supreme law of the land as stated in the

The UN Charter states that it is up to the Security Council to decide
if there is a “threat to the peace, breach of the peace, or act of
aggression and shall make recommendations, or decide what measures
shall be taken . . . to maintain or restore international peace and
security.” The Security Council may decide to not use armed force
(Article 41) or to use armed force if it deems that the actions of
Article 41 have proven to be insufficient or will be insufficient
(Article 42); however, members do have an inherent right to self
defense (Article 51). Having laid the legal groundwork, let’s examine
each of the justifications given by the Bush administration for the war
in Iraq.


One justification the Bush administration used was that Iraq had
weapons of mass destruction. A threat to use nuclear weapons could
justify a use of defensive force than otherwise might be considered
when there is a less serious threat. However, there must be credible
proof to support the threat regardless of how serious the threat is.
According to Singh and Macdonald (2002), if there is such evidence, it
has not been made available. They also state that “there must first be
credible evidence that Iraq has carried out, or intends to carry out,
an armed attack on the United States” (n.p.) before that could be used
as a justification to use force against Iraq. However, even if Iraq did
have stores of weapons of mass destruction, this did not fulfill the
criteria in Article 51 of the Charter because Iraq clearly did not
possess the capability of delivering those weapons against the United
States – there was no imminent threat.

Another justification the United States argued is that Iraq was in
violation of numerous UN Resolutions. The first observation with this
justification is the fact that it is up to the UN Security Council to
determine what action is or is not appropriate to bring a member state
into compliance -- not any individual member state; therefore the U.S.
had no lawful authority under the UN Charter to take unilateral action
to force Iraq into compliance. Additionally, the action taken must be
proportional to that necessary to fulfill the objective. If the true
objection was for Iraq to be brought into compliance with UN Security
Council resolutions, as asserted by the Bush administration, this could
have been done under Saddam Hussein’s regime. And therefore, based on
the doctrine of applying the minimal force to bring about the goal,
regime change was unjustified even if the Security Council, or certain
members of it, may not like that government.

“He tried to kill my daddy” was another justification tried by the Bush
administration. This would be a criminal matter and under U.S Federal
law, the principle of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 makes it illegal
to utilize the U.S. military to enforce civil or criminal law;
therefore this cannot be used as a legal justification under U.S. law.
Moreover, under the precepts of diplomatic immunity and international
law, sitting heads of state generally are not subject to being served
with criminal indictments. It was on this basis that the International
Criminal Court refused to indict Ariel Sharon for his war crimes
committed in 1986, and this would seem to be equally applicable to
standard criminal crimes attributable to Saddam Hussein in 1989.

Freeing millions of Iraqis was never used as a justification for the
war but was an ex post facto justification introduced after the war had
actually begun in an effort to legitimatize it. Even if it were
introduced prior to the war, that would be an issue rightfully dealt
with under the authority of the UN Security Council and not an
individual nation. If that justification is considered to be
legitimate, then it must be evenly applied and therefore, the Russian
occupation and invasion of Chechnya, which is condemned by the U.S.,
would rightly fall under the same justification.

The justification that is repeated by many Americans is that it is in
retaliation for 9/11. Initially the American public was told that the
attacks were carried out by Al Qaida, an international terrorist
organization, with support and funding that is supplied from a number
of countries. Al Qaida has a close association with the Taliban regime,
which is what was used as the justification for military action in
Afghanistan. It had been suggested that Iraq also had close ties with
Al Qaida, but we now know different.

All of the arguments for the justification of the war in Iraq have been
discredited and all that remains is the mantra, often repeated by many
Americans and politicians, that the Iraqi people are now better off
because Saddam Hussein is an evil man – not a justification, but an
excuse to make the war seem legitimate. In the end, as is usually the
case, the truth is much simpler than that -- the United States did not
need justification to invade Iraq but only attempted to in order to
make it politically tenable.

At 6:56 PM, Blogger frazzelle said...

Hi Im from London, Uk. I only came across Billy Jack fims 6 months ago and ordered all of them. Hardly anyone in Uk has heard of them so im going to try hiring community venues to show them because their message is just as relevant today. i think these films are unique. We all need to wake up to whats really going on, to seperate lies from propoganda, and to wake everyone up to the threat of global warming. our lifestyles are unsustainable. we would need 9 planet earths resources if everyone on earth lived a typical middle class american life.We all need to think about living self-sufficiently and a simpler life and have the courage to go without some of our " luxuries" otherwise there will be little or no part of this planet fit for life! The struggle for true democracy is linked to this struggle, for those responsible for this global warming are multinationals and governments. We all need to unite around common goals of true democracy, and that means monetary reform for while the international banks control our economy not the government, we cannot have a true democracy, as bankers can too easily pay off politicians or hold the government to ransom via their control of the economy like they threatened to do to Harold Wilsons government in the Uk. Thats why Billy Jack films are still relevant to today.

At 1:03 PM, Blogger samurai said...

My dad introduced me to Bill Jack when I was a teenager and I was instantly hooked! Now I'm 32 and waiting to introduce him to my kids. I think that it's great that there are still celeberties that are not afraid to voice an oppinion. While I can't say that I agree with every thing you say, you did hit most of it right on and even what I don't agree with you give a good argument that makes people think about what you said. One thing I can't stand is people with an "I'm right cos I said so" attitude that can't give any supporting arguments. Anyways, Can't wait for the next movie! Latter

At 5:21 PM, Blogger Anna Mae Tomco said...

You are my hero. You're probably sick of hearing this, but I love "Billy Jack", it's my favorite movie. It touched me deeply.

I agree that we shouldn't be in Iraq. And as for everyone saying that we should,(they are entitled to their opinion but) I have to ask them what they remember about Bin Laden. He was the one behind it, wasn't he? But everyone seems to be so into liberateing Iraq that they don't even remember that.

I'm only sixteen, so I guess I probably don't know much and I can't vote, but I think that the big problem isn't that we need a third party. I think people aren't THINKING. People don't learn nearly enough about candidates and their platforms; they don't examine everything FROM ALL SIDES.

That said, I think a third party would be a lot of help, since it's nearly impossible to wipe out the Great Plague of Ignorance.

And God bless you for continueing to speak out after all these years. Peace and love,

At 9:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Teachings of Billy Jack threw your movies taught me a lot. I stood stronger and stayed in school after seeing one of your movies when I was much younger.Now threw illness and being laid up more than 21 years, I begin to write and in one year have written 11 novels and working with a publisher at this time in a read of all in hopes to be published one day.My charters have that Bill umff' about them and bringing forward whats write and the wrong in life threw fiction,and a hero to the manuscripts that I write .Thank You Tom keep up the great work. Jack

At 4:41 AM, Blogger LongLiveNativeAmericans said...

Well said there mate!

At 5:57 PM, Blogger George said...

Tom, First off Thank you for the entertainment. If it was about oil why did we not take Kewait and keep it. It is about releigon . Islam can't stand Freedom of choice which is to pray or not to pray. Do you think you would be able to say that in Iran ? Do you really beleave your wife could be in Iran with out waring a vail? Islam is about haterd toward anything that is not Islamic. Look at Cashus Clay. When he turned to Islam his wife devorced him but only after she was beaten five or six times for not submitting. Yes I beleave this country is under the rule of corupt people . But I would rather live here where groups are not going to come and drag me to church and force me to pray or evan cut of my head off because I don't beleave like they do It is about religon and democracy. If we the U.S. can keep the hatred over there then you will be safe here. I hope.

At 5:58 PM, Blogger George said...

Tom, First off Thank you for the entertainment. If it was about oil why did we not take Kewait and keep it. It is about releigon . Islam can't stand Freedom of choice which is to pray or not to pray. Do you think you would be able to say that in Iran ? Do you really beleave your wife could be in Iran with out waring a vail? Islam is about haterd toward anything that is not Islamic. Look at Cashus Clay. When he turned to Islam his wife devorced him but only after she was beaten five or six times for not submitting. Yes I beleave this country is under the rule of corupt people . But I would rather live here where groups are not going to come and drag me to church and force me to pray or evan cut of my head off because I don't beleave like they do It is about religon and democracy. If we the U.S. can keep the hatred over there then you will be safe here. I hope.

At 1:38 PM, Blogger Master Kenpo said...

Very true. Education is knowledge; knowledge is power; power is victory. Glad you spotted that.


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